Thursday, September 20

Farm Life is Sometimes Sad

On Tuesday, I took both Brandon and Jordan to the farm. Usually Brandon goes on Tuesday and Jordan on Friday. However, Thursday was out this week so they both got to go together.

Unfortunately when we got there, I was informed that two more goats had died. They are all from the bunch that were born this spring. I'm not sure how many baby goats were born this year, but three have died. We suspect they're being hit by a virus. The boys favorites were Sebastian and Pueblo. However, Sebastian has passed on to goat heaven. I am praying that Pueblo will make it. He is adorable and I'm hoping to get some photos of him the next time we go to the farm.

Other than visiting the goats and the horses, the boys swung on the tire swing, jumped on the trampoline and Brandon, the older boy kicked a soccer ball through the tire of the swing. He has Asperger's syndrome and this is a great success story for him. Since he's been going to the farm, he has come a long way. He has a ball with all the animals.

There are a bunch of new kittens at the farm. This is the third litter this year. They are cute as buttons and two are already spoken for.

This is a picture of one of the baby goats. Don't ask me which one it is. The boys would know for sure. I do know some of them, but not this one.

It's great therapy to go to the farm for both the boys and myself. The animal's antics make us laugh and forget the cares of the world. I especially enjoy it because it reminds me of childhood days on Grandpa's farm.