Monday, January 2

Cole is Growing

The grandsons' dog, Cole, is really growing. He is only three months old but is over 30 lbs.

Here he is relaxing. He plays hard and sleeps deep.
He's such a cutie. I love him to death. Whenever I go in the house he runs to greet me, ears flopping and tail wagging.
Chillin'. Why can't humans learn to relax as well as animals?
He loves to go outside as long as it's not windy. Michelle takes him for a couple of walks a day to help keep his energy level under control.
Mmm! Not sure what he is up to, but he does get into mischief once in a while. For his age, he is very good. He is almost fully house trained. He does have an accident now and then. He came to Mom's for Christmas dinner with the family yesterday and no problem at all. He was playing with the four little boys and I thought he would at least do an excitement pee, but no way.

He's very intelligent and catches onto things very quickly. When they picked Cole, they chose a Keeper.