Friday, September 3

Friday Night Sunset

There was a beautiful sunset tonight. Love the pinks and mauves with the silhouettes of the trees.

Thursday, September 2

Update on Mom

Mom has been released from hospital. They did an MRI and determined that she could be released if she could stay with someone. She choose to go to my niece's (her granddaughter's.) Her speech has been affected by the stroke. They're calling this one a major one and she has had a major stroke before that we had no idea about. She has had many mini strokes or TIAs.

She will be getting speech therapy and she has to see a neurologist. She still has a urinary tract infection and they didn't give her a prescription for antibiotics when she left the hospital, so our problems aren't over yet.

It's been crazy hectic around here and it's taking its toll. I'm tired. The stress of this year has been a little hard to handle, but what doesn't kill you makes you strong. By this point I should be super woman. LOL

One of these days I will have time to visit everyone and play catch up. I hope it is soon.