Thursday, March 4

An Award from Anni

My great friend and blog buddy, Hootin' Anni passed this award along to me. Thank you, dear Anni. I'm honored to receive this from you.

I'm going to pass this award to all my regulars or anyone else who visits and comments on my blog today. Just save the award to your computer and then post it to your blog, passing it on to others. List 7 things about yourself that your blog friends don't know. Please let me know when you've posted so I can visit and comment.

7 Things about me:

1. The week of my birth, there was so much snow that Dad took Mom to stay with his parents in case she went into labor. She did but I wasn't born for 30 hours. The roads were impassable by this time.

2. I should have had a twin, but it never developed.

3. I like hot tea over coffee. I'm a tea drinker. Wonder if it has to do with my English/Irish heritage?

4. I haven't had a drink of alcohol in over 30 years. Never did like the stuff.

5. Way back in my family tree, I am relation to James Cook on my maternal side and Sir Francis Drake on my paternal side. What a history...two pirates. LOL

6. I do not eat sugar of any kind. If I need a sweet treat, it has to be sugarless.

7. I grew up in the 50s and enjoyed a type of life that not many remember these days. We had no running water in the house, an outhouse out back, hung clothes on the line. Grandma lived next door and had no electric power. Coal oil lamps were used for light. A gingerbread clock told the time. An ice box or the summer kitchen preserved the food. Less hectic times back then. Fond memories.

Don't forget to let me know when you post the award and thank you once again, Hootin' Anni.