Thursday, May 21

Watching the Birds

All winter, we had many birds come to the feeders. We had a large, platform feeder and two small suet feeders. One suet feeder is specifically for woodpeckers and we had a variety of those visit, including hairy, red headed, nuthatches and downy. I love to watch them. One of the males was so used to my husband that he would just keep eating when he went into the yard. If I stepped out the door, he would fly into the tree and when I backed the car out of the driveway, he would return to his meal.

Other species that visited the feeders were male and female northern cardinals, red polls, black eyed juncos, sparrows, chickadees and a few species that I had to look up. The only one I detested was European starlings. They are dirty, loud, aggressive and they chase the other birds away. 

One kind of bird I would love to see in my yard is the Eastern bluebird, shown above. I've never hit the right formula to lure them, but I keep trying. One day maybe I will find out exactly how to get them to come. I'd like a bluebird nesting box. We had other birds coming for the combed out dog fur that Dakota sheds in the spring. It makes excellent nesting material. 

I want to get a niger feeder. They bring orioles and gold finches. I get a lot of pleasure watching the birds and since I don't go out much in winter or when it's really humid, it is a type of entertainment that can't be beat. 

Not much news here. I have been down and out with allergies this week. Since everything is blooming at once and coming to life, this year is worse than any recent year. I've never had them this bad before in my life and wish they would just go away. 

Got a hair cut today for summer and cut off my nearly shoulder length hair. First hair cut since just before Christmas. Feels better, for sure. 

We have a mama coon living in our attic and have to figure out how to lure her and the babies out so we can fix the vents. She's broken both roof vents in order to set up residence. In case you don't know coon feces can be deadly, so she needs to go. I phoned the landlord and he wants me to trap them. Huh? It's his house, not mine, so we are not agreeing on this at all. He says that I live here, not him and I say it's your house, not mine. However, I don't plan to share my living space with raccoons,