Saturday, April 10

I'mmmmm Baaacccckkkk!!!

I'm back for the moment. On April 5th, I entered the hospital with a heart attack. Yesterday, (Friday) I had an angiogram at Hamilton General Hospital. Results: I need quadruple bypass. For the time being I am home and the surgery, if the surgeon has his way, will take place within 2 weeks. Not sure I like the idea, but it has to be done.

Thanks to all my friends and readers for your prayers, thoughts, love and support. Will write more in a day or so.

Thursday, April 8


Hootin' Anni again...

Thru the grapevine of blogland, I read at Pea's blog, that Mary had a mild heart attack.

Keeping you in my thoughts Mary...take things easy. And keep away from stress.

You're loved.

Wednesday, April 7

Regarding Mary

Hi everyone!!

Just a note to let Mary's Followers know that Mary has been admitted to the hospital. That's all I know for now...I rec'd an email from her husband....he gave me no other info on her condition or why she was admitted.

I will update you when I hear more.

Keep her and her husband in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Sunday, April 4

Easter Day

I hope all my friends and readers had a very Happy Easter. On Saturday Mom had her big dinner. We had ham and all the trimmings. It was delicious, as always.

Sunday was quiet here. Hubby and I went to the fleamarket and looked around and then went for a short drive. It was cooler today than it has been, but still a beautiful day.

Mom went to my sister's last night. She lives in the same city where Josh is in hospital, so they went to see Josh. My sister can't get in, but took Mom. There has been some changes since I last posted.

Last Tuesday, Josh had a set back and had a seizure. That worried us all of course, but today the nurse says there has been a few changes for the better. He sometimes responds when the nurses ask/tell him something. He opens his eyes briefly. His right hand, that had been icey cold since the accident was warm. He moves his left leg apparently but not his right.

The nurses are hoping for him to wake up now, so he's no longer getting the heavy sedation that he was.

Thanks to all who have been praying. This good news was a wonderful blessing to our family.

NOTE: I've decided for the time being that Mrs. Nosey is not going to make my blog go private. I will just have to be more cautious about what I post.