Wednesday, January 17

A Busy Day

It was a busy day today. I slept in a little and had to get ready quickly to take Brandon to get his hair cut. If it gets too long, it annoys him and makes him frustrated, so we try to keep it quite short. In the summer, he's almost bald. In winter, he wears it a little longer.

We got the hair cut and he needed groceries, so we headed to Walmart. I'm really not fond of the place but they always have the things he needs at a good price. It took us about a half hour. The place was full of seniors and he started to get frustrated. I told him to have patience, but like him, I'm not much of a shopper. 

We got out of there and he wanted to stop at Microplay, the electronic store. He needed a couple of things. We've been going there for years and when he goes in, everyone calls him by name. That makes it nice for him and he's a very loyal customer. 

Jordan didn't go with us today. I'm not sure what he was up to. I do know that Brandon will be easily frustrated until the end of the month, as his parents sold their beautiful house and bought one in the north end. Moving day is a week from Friday. 

Not much other news from this end. Hope to hear from some of my old friends. I know some have passed. I miss Carolyn, Shorty Bear and Anne. Not sure what happened to Pebbles in the Stream but he hasn't posted for a long time. 

Sunday, January 14

Frigid Winds and Minus Temperatures.

This winter has been quite cold. I was raised with Fahrenheit and therefore, do not do well with Celsius, though I can figure it out. When it gets to -15 F and lower, it is cold. Add that nasty wind to it and it's even worse. 

It warmed up for a few days but then the cold came back. We've also had a fair bit of snow but by no means record breaking. I wish I had the picture of my brother standing on the snow plow ridge touching the telephone wires. He was about 16 years old, so that would have been 1962. 

It's not as cold the last couple of days as it has been, but cold enough with the wind. Right now, it's 14 F, feels like 12 F with a light wind. Overnight, it's to get windier with gusts up to 11 mph or 18 km. Not fun for Brandon, who has to work tomorrow morning.  It's to get up to 19 F through the day and on Tuesday, when he also has to work, 25 F. 

To chase away the chill, I made chicken and dumplings tonight. We both love them and it's an easy meal to prepare. There is a trick to it though and if you aren't careful, the dumplings will be heavy. These weren't bad but weren't the best I've ever made. Hubby said they were really good. We will have the leftovers tomorrow night. Two very inexpensive meals. 

Now, I need to put my thinking cap on to figure out what to have the rest of the week. Talk to you soon.