Friday, December 17

Happy Anniversary, Hubby

22 years ago today, hubby and I were married. We've walked the deep valleys and climbed the high mountains, but we continue on our journey. Happy Anniversary, Dwight.

Sunday, December 12

Hubby and the Doe

Just an update on what's been going on here. On Wed night/Thursday morning, a deer ran into the right side of hubby's van. He didn't see it coming until it was right there and bam...she ran right into the front fender. The impact was enough that it knocked her down. Hubby got out of the van and she was lying on the ground. She got up, shook her head and bounded off into a field.

The next morning, we reported the accident to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP.) The right fender of the van was dented until the right passenger door would only open part way. The headlight was broken and the signal light was hanging by the wires. We took it to the body shop and they gave an estimate of $2793 to repair it.

Friday afternoon, hubby had to take the van to the OPP accident center so the officer could see the damage. At that time the officer told him that around noon on Friday, the doe staggered across the field where she had gone, crossed the road on weakened legs and collapsed in the ditch at the end of a farmer's driveway. He called the OPP and the officer had to put the doe down because it seemed she had internal injuries.

Hubby is fine and the van will be as well once it is repaired, which should only take a few days. It's kind of sad that the doe had to suffer until noon the following day and that the accident took her life.

There is a huge deer population in this area and these types of accidents are common.