Saturday, October 10

A Nice Saturday

Brandon came over today about 1pm. He was going to cut the lawn but it was much too wet after two days of constant rain. He played a couple of games of Mario Base*ball with Grandpa and then we headed out to do a bit of shopping. Jordan couldn't come because he was off school yesterday with a high fever. I explained that Grandpa couldn't afford to get sick and that he needed to get better so he wouldn't miss Thanksgiving dinner at Great-Grandma's. He was really disappointed but then I told him that I would come and get him one morning early and we would go out to Tim Horton's for breakfast. He was okay with that.

There is a new game the boys have been wanting and Jordan sent his money with Brandon. We went out and picked up the games and then stopped to get some meat on the way home. A little place not far from me has the best meat in town. When we got there, Brandon couldn't believe his eyes. He said he's never seen meat in a glass counter before. I explained that you can pick out what you want and that there is a great choice than in the grocery store.

On the way into the store, we stopped to look at some kale and mums. Brandon is doing great in his horticulture tests. So far he's had five tests and he's received 100% on four of them. He won't get the 5th mark until next week. He's really into the horticulture and wishes he could take it all semester. I do believe he has that option next year.

We talked about a lot of things today; drugs, smoking, drinking and he seems to have his head on straight about all of these things. I asked him about peer pressure but he doesn't bow down to that. Brandon is his own person and once he's made his mind up, no one can change his mind. He has a very logical way of looking at life, which is just one of the great things about being high functioning autistic. He doesn't want anything on or in his body that shouldn't be there. He's been that way since he was small. He wouldn't even wear a name tag on his shirt when he started kindergarten and will never have his hand stamped at any type of event.

So, all in all, it was a good day. After we got home with the groceries, we went out into the garden and he showed me how to take cuttings off the coleus. He's very proud of all that he's learned in his horticulture class.

Then it was home and Jordan was waiting a bit impatiently for his game. I am glad that Brandon and I could have this one-on-one time. It's been a while since we spent time together alone. I will make sure to pick Jordan up early so we can talk about some things when we go for breakfast. Having grandson is terrific.

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. We will be joining some of the family for Thanksgiving dinner at Mom's on Monday.

It is also Columbus Day in the US. Take care on the roads as they will be busy in both countries during this long weekend. Stay safe.

Friday, October 9

A Surprise in the Mail

On Thursday, I received a surprise in the mail. There was a package from Pea at Pea's Corner.

I didn't take a photo of the original package because it contained too much information. This is what I found inside...a beautifully wrapped birthday gift.
This is awesome. The gift of Friendship. She is beautiful.

And a lovely card came today, from Pea and Steve. Thank you, my friends. A little surprise should arrive at your door on Tuesday, Pea, just in time for your birthday.

Update: Some of you have asked when my birthday is. It's Monday...yes on Thanksgiving Day this year. It will be a milestone. I'm hitting the big 60!!!

Wednesday, October 7

Dakota... Determined to Succeed

There's one thing I have to say for Dakota. He is determined to succeed when he puts his mind to something.

The high winds today brought down a branch from the tree at the end of our driveway. It was on the other side of the van, which is parked in front of my car. Dakota got hold of one end with his teeth and dragged it around the stairs and into the yard, where he proceeded to fight with it.

Trying to pull it back up the terrace.
Determined to get it where he wanted it, he continued to pull and tug.

Ah! Sweet success. That branch is about 7 feet long and about 3 inches around at the larger end.

Dakota had a ball with it, growling and pulling it to where he wanted it to be.

Then he decided to chew on it for a while. He certainly enjoyed his time in the yard today.

Animals make us laugh and cry. They help us heal and are definitely good for the soul.

Tuesday, October 6

Counting our Blessings

We received a call from the pharmacy today. The expensive medication that hubby was put on when he left the hospital WILL be covered. That is terrific news because we couldn't afford to buy it and I'm not sure what we would have done.

Another reason to count our blessings is that hubby's vision wasn't affected by the stroke and he WILL be able to keep his driver's license.

There is so much stress and strife in the world and a silver lining is in every cloud. Though a mini stroke is a scary thing, it could have been so much worse. A half hour before the stroke, Brandon and Jordan were in the van with Grandpa, coming to do some yard work. If the stroke had taken place while he was driving, it could have spelled tragedy. I'm sure angels were watching over the three men in my life that day.

It isn't over yet. Hubby has been taking his medication, which is a bonus, but I have to keep reminding him. He has a doppler test on Friday, so would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Remember to always look for the good in life. It gives a much more positive attitude and helps us to bounce back from the things that make life difficult.

Monday, October 5

A Writing Exercise

Tonight was the first time I've been able to attend writing meeting since it resumed from summer break. I entirely forgot about the first meeting and the second one was last Monday when Dwight was in the hospital. It was nice to get back and catch up with all my writing cronies.

The writing exercise we were given tonight was based on travel. We were to use the following sentence to write something and then we had to pick a mode of transportation out of an envelope. The sentence was: "I knew it was a mistake to travel by ------when... The mode of transportation that was on my slip of paper was tricycle.

At first I thought this a little ridiculous, but then my imagination took off. We had twenty minutes to write the short story. This is what I wrote:

I knew it was a mistake to travel by tricycle when my knees kept hitting the handlebars. However, since my sister wrecked my car, it was either ride the antique tricycle that was stored in my garage, or walk. I decided to try the tricycle because my arthritic knees refuse to allow me to walk far.

As I started out, my knees cried in protest as they banged against the handlebars each time the pedal completed a turn. Determined to get to the pharmacy for my much-needed meds, I forged ahead. Whack, whack, whack. Each time my knees hit the metal handlebars they screamed in protest, but I set my jaw, gritted my teeth against the pain and rounded the last corner. Blood pounded in my ears. The pain made me feel faint. Only a half block to go, I knuckled down and pedaled for all Iwas worth. Finally, I arrived at the front door.

I half stood and half fell off the tricycle, then hobbled into the pharmacy. How would I ever make it back home? At this rate I'd be laid up for a month, unable to put one foot in front of the other.

I paid for my meds and shuffled toward the front of the store, dreading the return trip. When I stepped outside, much to my surprise, the tricycle had vanished. I looked around the building. No luck.

An elderly lady sat on a bench in front of the drugstore.

"Did you happen to see an old tricycle?" I asked.

"Oh yes," she replied. "A man with a truck load of scrap metal threw it in the back of his truck and drove off."

So, my antique tricycle, the one my Grandpa had given me for my third birthday, had been only mode of transportation at present. Now I would have to hoof it, or maybe not.

As I rode home in the taxi, excruciating pain shooting through my knees, I shed tears for that tricycle that I had spent so many happy hours on as a child.

I had known it was a mistake to travel by tricycle when my knees kept hitting the handlebars. Why hadn't I heeded my conscience?

It is kind of a crazy story, but it was fun to write. If anyone would like to give it a try, just let me know and I will send you a mode of transportation. Sometimes we just need to do something silly.

As per an update on hubby, he is doing okay. His vision has not been affected by the stroke, but he does tire easily. He walks Dakota and rests, but is getting back into his normal routine. He has to have a doppler on the 9th because the doctors suspect that the arteries in his neck are blocked. I will post another update when we find out more. Thanks to everyone for your concern, support and prayers

Sunday, October 4

Sparking a Memory

I came across this picture today and it sparked a memory of the general store that was in a small village not far from where we lived during my childhood.

The general store was a place that we enjoyed visiting. When we stepped in the door, the first thing you noticed was the wooden floor that was oiled to perfection. The shelves were always packed full of anything that you might need to run a household.

In autumn there was a barrel of apples near the front door and often a couple more on the wooden porch in front. The fragrance of every type of spice you could imagine hung heavily in the air. A large ceiling fan hummed during the summer months and in winter, there was a Quebec heater where we stood to warm up after a trek through the snow.

Pickle barrels, a coke cooler, biscuits and a wide variety of food stuffs were available and on the counter stood glass jars of salt water taffy, sticks of candy and licorice. We would press our faces against the glass to view the penny candy that was available. The most we ever had was a dime, but you could buy a Coke for a nickel and black balls three for a penny.

Inside the front door, to the right was a door that lead into a small barber shop. Men could get their hair cut for $2.00 and it was 50 cents for children under 12.

What great memories I have of that little general store. Today, it still stands, but it is no longer a general store. Many of the items available back then are no longer sold. The Quebec heater and the Coke cooler are long gone. The hardwood floor is worn and no longer shines like it did back then.

Things have changed a lot since I was young and the old general store is now a modern facility. Most of the things sold back then have long been discontinued. Still, my memories of the old general store will live forever in my memory.

Wishing everyone a great week.