Saturday, November 27

It's less than a month until Christmas. The time is passing quickly. So much to do. So little time. It's the same every year. Instead of the holiday creeping up on us, it speeds our way, leaving us a little stressed wondering how we're going to get everything done in time.

Yes, I have a lot to do. But I've come to the conclusion that none of it really matters. What is important is to enjoy good health and the love of family and good friends. If the house isn't perfect, so what? Another year will pass and it will be Christmas once again. Maybe next year I'll be ready, but I doubt it. LOL

Friday, November 26

Health Update

I'm feeling better than I have in years. Amazing what a difference a quadruple bypass can make in the way you get around on a daily basis. For years there were so many things I couldn't do and I was tired all the time. Now, I have energy. I'd almost forgotten what it was like.

Today I had an appointment at the cardiologist's for an echocardiogram. This is actually an ultra sound of your heart. I saw and heard it beating on a monitor and it was pretty amazing. I've seen this before when my daughter had one in her teen years. It's even more amazing to see your own heart. It seemed to be working well.

The technician said only that the measurements were all in order, which means, as far as I know, that my heart isn't enlarged. I will get further results from the cardiologist himself when I see him on December 14th.

So, for the time being, all is well and I really don't expect any different. It's nice to have energy, be able to walk without feeling like I'm going to fall flat on my face and carry on with some of my responsibilities around here.

Thursday, November 25

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my friends and readers in the USA. Enjoy the love and laughter of family and friends and give thanks for abundant blessings.