Saturday, November 13

Things Are Looking Up

It's been a while since I've posted again. Been busier than a one-armed paper hanger for the last week or so. Along with my Etsy business, I've started to try to get my house in shape for the holidays. It's really gone downhill since my heart surgery.

Jordan came over yesterday (Friday) after school to help out and stay overnight. We had hamburgers for supper and then he helped me organize the vintage items that I sell on Etsy. We tore boxes apart and put other things in boxes, labeled them and then ate a bag of popcorn and chilled.

This morning we relaxed a little. He enjoyed a couple games of chess on the computer while I read the newspaper and had my morning coffee. Then we went and picked up Brandon and then the work began.

Hubby and Brandon loaded some boxes in the van to take to the dump. I'm a bit of a pack-rat and this stuff needed to go. They moved out the stove, fridge, washer and dryer and cleaned under them. Jordan washed down the appliances. I went through some drawers and sorted all the stuff. Found Canadian Tire money, lots of junk that went straight into a garbage bag, some things I had misplaced and my old student's card and license. The boys got quite a kick out of seeing Grandma in her younger days.

So, the kitchen is looking much better and so is my living room. Still have a long way to go before our new kitchen floor gets laid. The old one has been in this house since we moved here and it is worn all the way through in some places. I'm ashamed to let visitors come in the house. We picked a black and white one-piece flooring that looks like tile. I'm going for a retro 50s look. The walls and cupboards will be white and the trim red. I started this in the spring when we installed the dropped tile for the ceiling, but then had the heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery, so haven't been up to doing much since.

I paid for all that I did today, but it was worth it. Things are looking good.