Saturday, March 20

The Weight Loss Game

Yes, I'm still playing the weight loss game. I had lost 16 lbs. in about 3 months, which I was very pleased with. Then, the dreaded plateau. For three weeks I didn't lose a pound. I did gain and then lose one pound in that time.

I got on the scales on Friday morning and I had lost 2 pounds again, for a total of 18 pounds since December 15th. While I was having a fit because I wasn't losing weight, I didn't realize that I was losing inches. Now that I recall, that often happens. I've lost an entire inch off my waist, which isn't bad and now I need to buy a belt to keep my jeans in place. I'm continually pulling them up.

My goal for the year was to lose 62 lbs. So I have a long way to go yet, but am feeling confident I will come near it. Even if I don't, I've lost enough that I'm feeling much better.

On a different note, the weather was beautiful for the kids March Break this past week. Today it is colder and snow flurries is predicted for Monday. Hope they are wrong.

Enjoy your weekend. I'm hoping to find time to visit all my friends soon.

Thursday, March 18

Beautiful Easter Items

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I went to an estate auction. We didn't find anything much, but we did buy these Fitz and Floyd Easter collectibles. They are not vintage but are so pretty.

This is the Halycon Fitz and Floyd 9 inch Canape plate. I love those pansies.
Blackberry Rabbit 9 inch canape plate. The tulips and blackberries on these pieces are delightful

Blackberry Rabbit covered dish. This would make great storage for jelly beans.

Blackberry Rabbit Easter basket. Wouldn't this look beautiful filled with Easter goodies and used as a centerpiece on your Easter table.

Both canape plates are now listed at ebay. The basket and the rabbit covered dish haven't been listed yet. I really hate to part with these as they are beautiful, but have so much Easter stuff already. I hope you enjoyed seeing these.

If you would like to see other's Show and Tell, please visit our host, Cindy, at My Romantic Home

Beautiful Weather

It's been beautiful weather here for March Break. The kids are all really lucky. Jordan has already been playing at the park. Brandon is bored and wishes that there was school. I almost fell over. I never thought he would say those words, but he is loving high school. Makes him feel all grown up and independent.

Yesterday the boys, Mom and I made our regular trek to the maple sugar bush. It was a lot of fun. The fragrance of boiling sap permeated the air. Afterwards, we had pancakes at the little restaurant they have there. I could only have a drizzle of syrup but we all enjoyed the sweet taste of spring. Yes, maple syrup time means spring in this part of the world.

Not much new here otherwise. I've kind of run out of ideas for this blog. But I will persevere and hopefully something exciting will happen that I can write about. I'm very busy with my Etsy shop. It's doing very well and I think I may feature some of the sellers on there once in a while. There are so many talented people on Etsy.

I hope everyone is having nice weather this week. We are in the 60s and that is wonderful. No coats, just a fleece sweater, but winter isn't over yet. They are calling for snow flurries on Monday. Take care and enjoy.

Sunday, March 14

March Break

I can't believe it is already March Break. Where did almost three months of the New Year go? Time seems to be Marching on faster and faster as the years go by.

The boys both have their report cards from school. Brandon did awesome. One A, a lot of Bs and one C. The C was in a tech course where all the teacher had them do was watch movies. Of course Brandon wasn't happy with that and so was restless and bored. But how in the world can you get a C in watching movies. I told him not to worry about it. He was disgusted at the time and told me he could watch movies at home. I agree. I don't know why there were 6 weeks of watching movies, but I told Michelle that if he got the same teacher and it happened again that she needed to find out why.

Jordan's report wasn't as good as it could be, but normal for him. He has no interest in school. He is much the same as Brandon was in elementary school. There is nothing that makes it fun. I think he will like high school much better. He has one more year to go after this one.

In other things, still no significant weight loss, but a few inches have been lost. That is okay. The pounds will melt away again soon.

The last two days have been hard rain and winds. The Odes of March. Though it has been mild here, the temperatures could plummet at any time. March in Ontario can be almost anything and we can still get snow or a hard frost until mid May.

Not much else going on here. I've been working on my Etsy store and it is doing fantastic. I began selling there on February 1st and have been selling right along. I enjoy retail, so Etsy fits me fine. I do have a couple of newer items on ebay.

Take care. I'm hoping that I can find some time to visit everyone soon.