Thursday, March 18

Beautiful Weather

It's been beautiful weather here for March Break. The kids are all really lucky. Jordan has already been playing at the park. Brandon is bored and wishes that there was school. I almost fell over. I never thought he would say those words, but he is loving high school. Makes him feel all grown up and independent.

Yesterday the boys, Mom and I made our regular trek to the maple sugar bush. It was a lot of fun. The fragrance of boiling sap permeated the air. Afterwards, we had pancakes at the little restaurant they have there. I could only have a drizzle of syrup but we all enjoyed the sweet taste of spring. Yes, maple syrup time means spring in this part of the world.

Not much new here otherwise. I've kind of run out of ideas for this blog. But I will persevere and hopefully something exciting will happen that I can write about. I'm very busy with my Etsy shop. It's doing very well and I think I may feature some of the sellers on there once in a while. There are so many talented people on Etsy.

I hope everyone is having nice weather this week. We are in the 60s and that is wonderful. No coats, just a fleece sweater, but winter isn't over yet. They are calling for snow flurries on Monday. Take care and enjoy.


  1. The weather has been great -- all month pretty well, but this week especially.

  2. Good morning Mary.
    I have a new email account. Worked on getting it set up.
    If you don't see Hootin' Anni in your inbox in a few minutes...check your spam folder.


  3. I'm glad your Etsy shop is doing well. The weather here is beautiful too, but snow may fall this weekend.

  4. The weather here is awesome too.

  5. Hasn't this been unbelievable weather for March?! We have absolutely no snow left, not even in the shade. I've been enjoying having my doors and windows open during the day and letting the fresh air in.

    So glad you all got to go to the Sugar Bush:-) I have been going to one ever since I was a little girl, dad use to bring us every year to his cousin's Sugar Bush near Noelville. If he were alive today he'd really enjoy Guy's:-)

    I'm so thrilled for you that your Etsy shop is doing so well. I still haven't looked into opening one but will do so when I have more time. Right now I need to catch up on my blog visits and must also get my blog changed to an Easter theme. xoxo

  6. We have a forecast for snow storm on Saturday. 70 for Friday and 30 for Friday night and then the high for Saturday is only 30...... I have to cover some of my flowers that are up and have buds....... bummer!

  7. I would so love to visit the Maple Sugar neck of the woods someday, in maple syrup season of course! Pancakes with fresh made syrup sound wonderful!