Wednesday, May 23

How Brandon Has Changed

The above photograph is of Brandon when he was younger. I'm not sure how old he was.. It was his school photo and it turned out great. Brandon isn't real photogenic. He does okay if you don't make him smile, but a forced smile comes out terrible.

Today, Brandon got his photo taken again. This is what he looks like.
He had just had his hair cut because it is so thick he can't stand it in the summer. He told the girl he wanted it cut to 1/8 inch. He really has changed in those two years. When he looked at it, he said, "I guess I should have shaved." LOL He dislikes shaving and leaves it as long as he dare or until his parents nag him about it. Typical teen. However, it only grows under his chin so far and very little on his actual face.

It's amazing the difference in the two photos, but I have to concede he's now a young man and is maturing quickly. I'm sure some of you who've seen pictures of Brandon over the years will be amazed at how he's changed.