Saturday, June 20

Wishing all my male friends with kids, A Happy Father's Day.

Dad passed in 1981 and when the holidays come around, such as Christmas, Easter and Father's Day, I wish he had been with us a little longer.

Dad was strict and stern if you didn't do as you were told. He was known for giving us a spanking if we defied him. I don't regret anything he did. He was the disciplinarian in our family and we knew if Mom told him that we had done wrong, we were going to be punished for it. We usually toed the line fairy well.

Dad was a hard worker, sometimes leaving for work before dawn and not getting home until hours after dark When he became disabled from a fall while working, he was devastated. He needed something that would make him feel useful, as most people do.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Wish you were here.