Tuesday, November 10

Brandon's Latest Project

I know I've promised more photos of Owen Sound, but first, I want to show you Brandon's latest project. This one is delightful. I hate to see him sell it, but this is his goal. I love it, but have no place to put it. I have way too many figurines and such around here now and will be selling many of them in a yard sale this coming spring.

He took a bunny planter I had that had never been used. Put some felt on the bottom to keep it from sitting directly on furniture and then worked his magic.

I think he did a fantastic job and it will certainly sell in my Etsy Shop

Now he is working on some Sleigh Bell wreaths. We will see how that goes and if they turn out well enough, I will post some photos. 

Talk to you again soon. It's so nice to be back blogging and checking in with my old friends.