Saturday, November 28

Book Swap Partners

The book swap is now closed. I placed all the names in a bowl and then drew names. Every two names I drew were partners. They are as follows:

Peggy and Carole
Kathleen and Deena
Sammi and Jackie
Michele and Helena
Stacey and Denise
Paula and Mary

I will send out the addresses of your partners to you tomorrow. Please correspond with each other to find out what type of books or magazines your partner enjoys. All parcels should be mailed by December 5th. If for some reason you are unable to meet the deadline, be sure to let both your partner and myself know.

When your parcel arrives, please post about it on your blog. This will allow all the participants to see how much everyone enjoyed their book.

Note: I believe everyone has been notified of who their partner is. If not, please let me know by posting here. Thanks each of you once again for participating. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.

2nd Annual Christmas Book Swap

*This is a sticky post and will remain at the top until November 28th. Please scroll down to read my regular posts. *

Last year I hosted a Christmas book swap. It was so successful that I'm going to host it again this year.

This will be loads of fun, just as it was last year. We must get the books in the mail by December 7th to be sure that everyone receives their book before Christmas. So I'm going to make the deadline to sign up November 28th. This will give me time to partner everyone, gather the addresses and let everyone know who their partner is.

Now for the rules. The books have to be Christmas books, either fiction or non-fiction. Christmas decor and cooking magazines are fine if your partner agrees. Talk to your partner and find out the type of books they like and then send them a book or magazine that they can enjoy. Please do not send books that are not Christmas oriented unless it is included as an extra surprise.

Please, if you sign up, be sure that you send a book. What a disappointment to sign up for a swap and receive nothing after you have done your best to send your partner a book that they will enjoy.

This was a LOT of fun last year and I hope you will join in. Everyone is welcome. Just leave a comment saying you'd like to take part. You must either have a blog or leave an email address where I can contact you.

Friday, November 27

Prayer Request

I have an unspoken prayer request. I would appreciate your prayers at this time for a situation that is out of my control. This has been going on for some time. Thanks in advance.

Thursday, November 26

My Beef for Today

Canadian Confederation took place on July 1, 1867 under the rule of Britain and remained so until 1931. At that time, the Statute of Westminister gave each British dominion, including Canada, the opportunity for almost complete independence from the Parliament of the United Kingdom. This meant that Canada had become independent of Britain.

Why then, I ask, did we pay 2.6 million dollars last month for Prince Charles and Camilla to visit Canada, partly because she wanted to visit Dundurn Castle where one of her relatives, Lord Dundurn lived? Why are we going to pay 3.64 million for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to visit Canada next year? If we are independent of British rule, why must we pay the wages of the Royal Family and their security when they visit our country?

The last time Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited, the citizens of Canada had to pay an atrocious price to buy her a new gold-plated toilet seat because the one she brought with her broke. Can the Royal Hinny not sit on anything but a gold-plated toilet seat? And why wasn't she and her entourage responsible for that themselves. Why were the people of Canada made to foot the bill?

Yes, she is our figurehead and her likeness is on our currency, but I for one, would prefer we put some historical Canadian figure on our currency and use the money we pay for the Queen to visit to feed the 1.5 million people in Canada who are going hungry.

Now don't get me wrong, I do respect the Royal Family, but if they want to come to Canada, let them come as tourists instead of our government spending millions of dollars on their visits. This money could go to help those who are disabled or in need of food or clothing through no fault of their own. These people are living far below the poverty level and their own country spends money on gold-plated toilet seats for visiting dignitaries while they struggle. It just doesn't seem right to me. Our government certainly has its priorities wrong. And that is my beef for today.

Wednesday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving

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Wishing all of my American friends and readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24

The Simple Things

Recently both Mari and Hootin' Anni have posted about the simple things in life. Isn't that what life is all about? I am one that loves the simple things. I don't like the hustle and bustle of today's world. When I was young, we lived in rural area and things were much slower paced.

Since I enjoy the simple things in life, I decided to copy Mari and Anni and do a post about some of my favourite things.

* Wet kisses from a toddler

* The sound of children's laughter

* Spending time with my grandsons, whether it be for a walk in the park or playing Uno or some other game.

* Flowers in the spring and summer

* Watching lambs frolic in the pasture

* Birds, raccoons and squirrels in the yard, the fragrance of fallen leaves, blossoms in spring and all things from the natural world.

* The smell of wood burning in a fireplace or wood stove.

* The smell of cookies and bread baking

* The love of family

* Playing with Dakota

* Watching a good movie at home with a bag of popcorn

* Reading a good book

These are just a few of the simple things in life that I enjoy. What are some of your favourites?

Sunday, November 22

Will's Christmas Store and Tree Farm

Today I picked up the boys around noon, then picked up Mom and we headed to Lynden, Ontario to Will's Christmas Store and Tree Farm. We visited there a couple years ago and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Today was a sunny day and not cold, so it was a perfect day to visit. Be sure to click to enlarge the photos for a better viewing experience.
This is the driveway. There are, according to Will's pamphet, over a hundred thousand Christmas trees on the farm.

This is the entrance to the store. They had it nicely decorated. Jordan is peeking out to see where I am.
Besides the store, they have the Pine Loft, where they sell all types of fresh evergreen wreaths and other decorations.
Inside, the store is filled with every Christmas ornament you could imagine.
Santa, a reindeer and a Christmas bear sits above the door of one of the rooms, along with a couple of Christmas polar bears.
Santa's and gingerbread men can be found against one wall.
More Santas, a Christmas train and some snowmen.
An entire section of snow people and some beautiful Christmas stockings.
This one is for Anni. Hundreds of Santas are grouped into this display.
And more Santas. They are all unique and children of all ages are delighted with the Jolly Old Elf.

Jordan, leaning back so he won't be in the photo. I guess I fooled him.
Strings of cranberries, more Santas and a variety of other decorations.
Ah, stacking dolls. I remember playing with one of these as a child.
Another grouping for Anni. Western Santas. I looked for a stagecoach but alas, there wasn't one.
Blue Santas and snowmen. This display seemed to draw lots of attention.
Bears and snowmen and I love the ice skates hanging on the frame of this display. Brings back memories.
It wouldn't be Christmas without the Nativity. These were beautiful. I love the Christmas angel standing in the door of the church.
In the Pine Loft, Santa and some snowmen stand guard.

Pea, I talked to the woman in the store and she remembers you well. She hopes you come back again next year.

Will's Christmas Store and Tree Farm is located at 1974 Concession 2 W. RR# 1, Lynden, Ontario.

For more information, visit their website: Will's Christmas Store and Tree Farm

We had a great time looking around. The boys bought Great-Grandma a cardinal and a blue jay Christmas tree ornament and their mother a couple of little decorations for her village. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.