Saturday, August 14

What's Been Happening

Well, I was doing so well blogging on a more regular basis and then suddenly life got in the way again. Seems my SIL, the boys father, is going to have surgery on August 20th for his Crone's Disease. Not good at all. He has suffered for years and now it is getting worse. They're hoping to do it laproscopically, but the surgeon has told him that he may have to go in surgically. So we will see how that goes.

Last year hubby and I planted a hibiscus. This spring he told me it had winter killed but I told him to wait for a bit because I saw a green shoot in among the old stalks. Sure enough, it began to grow. I can't believe how big it is after only one year. We counted the blooms the other day and counted 61. Jordan counted them on Thursday and counted 80. He may have counted some twice. Here are a few photos of what it looks like.

Not much other news except for the fact that it's been hot & humid here. August is our hottest month and this year it's been extremely humid.

I will try to get by and visit everyone who commented on my last post. Just don't know where the time goes.