Saturday, August 14

What's Been Happening

Well, I was doing so well blogging on a more regular basis and then suddenly life got in the way again. Seems my SIL, the boys father, is going to have surgery on August 20th for his Crone's Disease. Not good at all. He has suffered for years and now it is getting worse. They're hoping to do it laproscopically, but the surgeon has told him that he may have to go in surgically. So we will see how that goes.

Last year hubby and I planted a hibiscus. This spring he told me it had winter killed but I told him to wait for a bit because I saw a green shoot in among the old stalks. Sure enough, it began to grow. I can't believe how big it is after only one year. We counted the blooms the other day and counted 61. Jordan counted them on Thursday and counted 80. He may have counted some twice. Here are a few photos of what it looks like.

Not much other news except for the fact that it's been hot & humid here. August is our hottest month and this year it's been extremely humid.

I will try to get by and visit everyone who commented on my last post. Just don't know where the time goes.


  1. Hi Mary...I've been wondering why you haven't emailed lately...I see you've been busy with life. I was sure you were crocheting your dish rags and such for your Etsy store and busy keeping the orders filled. How is the selling there, going?

    Anyway, LOVE the hibiscus!!! Such a beautiful color. Ya, even OURS had winter kill last season, but they're all back and blooming. [We had them in Colorado also...along the house's foundation and they'd always come back.] They are a hardy breed.

    Glad to see that you posted when I checked my reader this morning...I was wondering how you were!!!

  2. I love Hibiscus! They don't like our winters either, but when they live they are so pretty. My step mom has one that she keeps in a big pot and brings inside every winter. She has been doing this for about 8 years now.
    It's very hot and humid here too. The humidity is supposed to break today though.

  3. I have been wondering about you - can't remember if I commented on the last post or not, but have been keeping up with you. I'm sorry to hear about your SIL - that is a nasty condition to have!!

    The hibiscus is gorgeous - ours is deep red, and I think it "died out" too - it's coming back, but don't know if it'll have time to bloom before it gets cold again!

    We've had a nice summer, except the one week I was gone to Minnesota - I missed the 100 degree days, thank goodness! I really hate humidity and feel for you!

  4. I'm having trouble with my hibiscus. I bent over and it kinked out. The back doctor won't do anything for me and calls me a blooming idiot.

  5. Mary,

    How are the boys coping with their father's impending operation? I hope and pray it is a success, especially that they can perform it laproscopically. Crones is a terrible disease.

    Your hibiscus is gorgeous!! It's a good thing you noticed that shoot. Wow!

    How are you feeling? Take care.


  6. Loved anvilcloud's comment... as you say Life gets in the way of blogging.. Hope all goes well with your SIL's surgery. Your flowers are so pretty.

  7. I love Hibiscus but they don't winter here at all...I have heard that there is a new variety for the colder climates, though.
    Mama Bear

  8. love the hibiscus! before the grasshoppers killed our for dead and gone it would always die back completely, the shoot up from the roots between the old stalks. I left the dead stalks standing till the new shoots arrived so I'd know where the silly thing was!!

  9. I hope your SIL comes thru the operation with no problems.. Bunches of prayers and hugs....