Wednesday, June 9

Hubby's Test Results

Today hubby had an appointment at the stroke clinic. I'm not at all impressed by the doctor's diagnosis. Hubby has had several spells where his vision blurs and once he had garbled speech.

The doctor says it has nothing to do with the stroke he had last year and that he has a little hardening of the arteries in his neck. His's the beginning of migraines. Not sure what migraines have to do with speech, but I'm not a medical professional. I've never known anyone that couldn't talk while having a migraine and hubby didn't have a bad headache. He has had headaches, but nothing that made him very uncomfortable. Just a nagging ache. So, I'm not sure if the news is good or bad. It's getting until I don't have much faith in doctors.

The one thing the doctor did notice is that his fingernails and fingers are not normal. He said that can be the beginning of lung or kidney disease. Now he is going to send him for a catscan of his lungs. I do know that the fingernails can indicate a plethora of diseases, so it's good that he caught that. Hubby's fingers and fingernails have been curved for many years. Hopefully there is nothing seriously wrong.

We've had cool rainy weather this week. The cool is okay with me, but not quite this cool. I like it to reach 70. LOL Today was a little better, but it's been quite chilly in the evening.

Other than that, not much news from here.