Sunday, February 24

A Few Before Pictures

 As promised, here are a few of the before pictures of the house right after we moved. This is Dakota, looking in amazement at all the clutter.
 Even the couches are loaded. These couches were left by the previous tenant and since ours was totally in tatters and these were clean, we opted to use these.

 This is another one of the hall. At least I know where my crock pot is.
 The kitchen is also full of clutter and difficult to navigate through at this time. It's better now, but not like I want it.
 Another of the kitchen. You can see how cluttered it is. The dresser standing in its end near the sink is now gone. Our friend wanted it and we just had no room. So, it has a new home.
 Dakota, trying to make his way down the hall. He was really hesitant because there is a cold air register in the hall just below the bottom of the photo. He didn't like it at all, but is used to it now.
 Another of the hall. What a mess. It's a little better but some of the stuff we just aren't sure where to put.
 Hubby wondering where we got all this stuff. After being married for 24 years and me having lots of my own at that time, it does accumulate.
 Starting to fix the place up a little. These bird plaques, one robins and one blue birds were the first to be hung. I bought them from my friend, Dee.
And my favorite picture, which hasn't been framed in the three years I've had it and some of my animal ornaments on the pantry in the hall. That picture is being framed very fact when I get my income tax back, that is what I'm getting for myself.

And so you can see the mess we were in. We still are in a mess, but not near as bad and working on it a little each day. I will get more photos for you soon. I want to make this place cozy and comfortable, which means getting rid of a lot of stuff.

Some will go into my ETSY shop and some into a huge yard sale we are planning for spring.