Monday, February 4

The Fun of Moving

I have never liked moving. It isn't any fun at all and I think this has been the most difficult move of my life. We were moving from a larger house into a smaller one. The old house had 4 bedrooms and was very spacious. This house has 3 very small bedrooms, and a small living room and kitchen. The bathroom is a decent size.

The house will be cozy once we get it set up, but to do that we are going to have to really downsize. My grandson told me that I didn't need all this stuff and he's right. The house is packed and so is a 10 x 10 foot storage locker. Once we get things settled in the house, I'm going to bring a few boxes from storage at a time and sort through them as well. I should have the makings for a great yard sale by the time spring comes around. Plus, the lady who lived here left a lot of her stuff. because she moved in with her mother and just couldn't take it with her. Some of her stuff will be useful, but most of it will be going to Bibles for Missions, which is a charity thrift shop.

I'm really wanting to take before and after pictures and when I find the camera, I will do that. I am overwhelmed at the stuff we have. We lived in our house for 20 years and I thought we downsized to go to the 4 bedroom, but apparently not enough.

It will be difficult choosing what to keep and what has to go, but have decided I will only keep the treasures that are dearest to my heart. A music box from Aunt May, who passed in 2010...the plate and cup my great-grandfather gave me when I was born...a few things Dad gave me and then my antique things will be staying...well most of them anyway.

The things that I'm getting rid of will either go in the yard sale or I will list them in my Etsy Shop.  

The move is pretty much done. We have one trip in the morning to get a few things and that's it. I'm relieved because I don't need anymore stress from the landlady. We caught her yesterday in the house going through the things that were still there. She had her hand on my antique Harrison Fisher lady in an oval from from 1908. I wasn't happy. She has no right to be in the house until we are finished moving. This was the reason we didn't stay there. She wanted to use her key to come in whenever she liked and go through our stuff. Thank goodness this is over.

We put a deposit on this place on January 2nd and we haven't heard from the landlord. I put the rent into his bank account. He told us to do as we liked and not damage the place. That's the kind of landlord I like and he will find his property is upgraded as we can.

In other news, hubby hasn't had anymore chest pain but is very tired...exhausted is more the word. My fibula still gives me a lot of pain as does the tailbone injury. That fall was a nasty one. I wonder how long it will take for me to fully recuperate. I also have a lot of pain in the right calf of my leg. Many nights I can't sleep because of it.

Will try to visit all my friends as I can but very tired and busy right now, trying to get settled.