Saturday, May 2

Memories in a Photo

Today I took some old photos that Mom loaned to me and had them put on disc. This one brought back memories of a time long ago. The back left is my mother and on the right is Aunt May. The front left is my brother and the front right is my Aunt Mabel. The three girls are sisters.

In this photo, my mother would have been married for about four years. Aunt May was not yet married. I love the way she did her hair back then and it was very becoming to her.

Where do the years go. My brother is about three in this photo and Mabel would be about seven. Today Mom is 81 and will turn 82 in September. Aunt May passed in November 2008 at the age of 75. Mabel is 68 if my calculations are correct and if not, they are only out a year or so. My brother turned 63 in January of this year.

This photo was taken, as far as I can determine, at the homeplace, which is where my maternal grandfather was born. He was the girls' father. His father, my great-grandfather, owned that farm. Later, when he could no longer work the farm, it was sold and he and great-grandma came to live with my grandparents. They lived there until they passed.

I love looking through old photos. They are packed full of times when life seemed so much simplier, though the work was hard. I think it was a happier time when life was less stressful.

Friday, May 1

Tulips in My Garden

Tulips are blooming in my garden. I'm delighted that they have put forth a great showing of red and yellow to brighten up the yard. In the forefront is my out of control lavender. It will be all cut back on the first nice day. Seems like it's either windy and chilly or raining this week. Today was rain and tomorrow is to be rainy as well. Hopefully on the weekend, I can get a bit more done outside.

I haven't posted all week. I'm in a bit of a slump as far as writing is concerned and it's been quite quiet here, so not much to tell. I did get Assigment # 3 back and had a bit of rewriting to do. Now it's on to Assignment # 4, which is a non-fiction article for kids.

Have a wonderful Friday. ~Blessings, Mary~

Monday, April 27

Disney's Earth

On Sunday, hubby and I took the boys to see the new Disney movie, Earth. It's been over a year since we were to a movie and this one was spectacular. The images of Earth from space were magnificient. The time lapse shots of the changing of the seasons were spectacular. Scenes of waterfalls, oceans and an assortment of different species left us marveling at the wonders of Earth's beauty.

There was lots to be learned from this movie for both adults and children. It followed the lives of a polar bear family, a whale and her offspring and a herd of elephants. Each scene of the movie stole our breath away and left us with knowledge not previously known.

When the movie ended and we headed to the van, the boys talked about what they had learned. Both of them love animals and nature, so this was a great movie to take in. They asked me what I had learned and I told them that I never knew that Antartica was home to the southern lights. I have seen the wonder of the Aurora Borealis, but didn't realize that the same phenomena took place at the South Pole. They are called the aurora australis or the southern polar lights and are only visible from high southern latitudes.

I saw a small segment about the elephants on tv, but enjoyed the entire show. It is an educational show for the entire family and one that can truly be enjoyed. I highly recommend it to everyone. Even the small children at the theater were spellbound by what they were seeing. If you have seen it or decide to, please let me know your opinion. ~Blessings, Mary~

Sunday, April 26

Memories: The Farm in Springtime

This time of year, memories of the farm in springtime come to mind. There were so many delightful sights, sounds and smells to enjoy.

The orchard was right behind our house and I would awaken to the fragrance of apple blossoms drifting in the open window, along with the sweet music of birdsong...a glorious way to start the day.

Around the house, the feather ticks and quilts were aired and every room was cleaned from top to bottom. Curtains were either washed or replaced, depending on their condition. Floors were stripped, scrubbed and given a new coat of wax. If painting or wallpapering needed to be done, this was the time to do it. The house was filled with hustle and bustle during the spring...the busiest time of the year for housework.

In the fields, the earth was plowed, cultivated and sown. If our chores were done, we kids would follow along behind to look for arrowheads and pieces of pottery that were turned up.

In the garden, the earth was tilled, raked and seeds were sown. Beans, corn, potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and squash were planted, along with all other types of vegetables that would keep the table replenished throughout the long winter months.

In the barn and barnyard, new babies made their appearance and were welcomed into the world. Calves, foals, piglets, chicks, ducklings, goslings and other babies filled the barnyard with their voices to create a cacophony of noise. The barnyard pond was an interesting place. Along with all the waterfowl were frogs, tadpoles, turtles and other creatures that piqued a child's interest.

In the orchard, apple and pear trees were pruned in February so they would be healthy when the blossoms appeared in spring. We were always thankful when there wasn't a hard frost or hail storm that would damage the fruit of the season. When it was fully developed and ripe, it would all be picked and preserved.

Spring on the farm was a feast for the senses and my favorite time of year. It was a time of rebirth for all things...a time to celebrate life in all of its glory. A time that I would love to experience once again.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Remember to do a random act of kindness. Even a smile can mean so much to someone who has the weight of the world on their shoulders. ~Blessings, Mary~