Saturday, November 29

Canadian Political Unrest - A Coalition Government?

Above is the Canadian flag. It was officially inaugurated on February 15, 1965. Our country has always elected its government at the polls, but now it seems that there is political unrest in our country.

Though I don't usually blog about political issues, this needs to be brought to the attention of Canadians. In early October of this year, we went to the polls to vote for a federal government. Steven Harper maintained his position as Prime Minister and a minority Conservative (Tory) government was formed.

Now, just six weeks later, the opposition parties have banded together and want to form a Coalition government. Why? Because yesterday's economic statement by Conservative Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, wasn't to their liking.

In his economic statment, Mr. Flaherty stated there would be an end to public financing of political parties. The opposition feels, or so they say, that the Conservatives have failed to offer economic stimulus. The meeting of Liberal Members of Parliament met behind closed doors on Thursday night to make plans to topple the current government that Canadian people elected just six short weeks ago. The leader of the coalition government would be none other than Stephen Dion, whom the Canadian people rejected in October by the largest margin since Confederation in 1867.

A coalition government includes members of different political parties. It usually only takes place in times of crisis, such as a political breakdown or war. At the federal level of government, Canada has had only one coalition government in its history. It occured in 1917 when Sir Robert Borden formed the Union Government near the end of WWI. That government was only in power for one year.

In order for the opposition parties to form a coalition government, it must be approved by Governor General Michaelle Jean. She is in Europe at the present time but is being kept up to date on what is happening. If she decides to dissapprove of the steps being taken by the opposition parties, a federal election must be called. I hope this woman has her wits about her and denies approval of a coalition government for Canada.

Though the Conservatives (Tories) are not my favorite political party, I must give credit to Prime Minister Steven Harper for doing his best to keep Canada's economy flowing. In my opinion, Stephen Dion, leader of the Liberals, is not pleased that he was defeated during October's election and that he is trying to become Prime Minister using any method he can. It is also my opinion that the opposition parties are furious because Prime Minister Harper put an end to public financing of political parties. The Liberals were caught in a scandal during their last term and billions of dollars were funneled to places where it shouldn't have gone. Could this be the motive of Mr. Dion? I can't say, but things look mightly suspicious.

Canadians need to band together to prevent a coalition government in this case, as there is no political breakdown or war that brings the necessity to overpower our current government. This is a ploy, in my opinion, by the Liberals, Stephen Dion and the opposition parties to form a government that is not elected by the people. Though an election would cost approximately 3 billion to taxpayers, it is a lot better than losing our voice and our priviledge to vote.

What Mr. Dion and the opposition parties are attempting should send a strong message to Canadian voters. Please phone or write your Member of Parliament to protest this take-down.

If you would like to view a list of the Members of Parliament for Canada, please click HERE.

Friday, November 28

Card Shower Draw Winner


I'd like to thank everyone who sent a card for my Soldier's card shower. I received 32 cards and I know that S is going to love them.

As promised, I entered everyone's name who sent a card for S into a draw. The winner is Susie from Susie's Space. Susie, please forward your address so I can get your Christmas ornament in the mail. Enjoy! ~Blessings, Mary~

Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA. May your day be filled with love and laughter and the company and love of family and friends. ~Blessings, Mary~

Tuesday, November 25

Christmas Book Swap Partners

The names have been matched for the Christmas Book Swap. They are as follows:

Tonia and Sandy

Ruth and Nancy

Sharon and Irene

Denise and Stacey

Pea and Jackie

Paula and Mary

Amy and Sammi

Mary and Peggy

I have mailed out all the information to each of you ladies with your partner's mailing address. If you haven't received it, please let me know.

This is going to be fun. Remember, the book or magazine is to be Christmas oriented. All books should be mailed out by December 5th. Thanks once again for your participation. ~Blessings, Mary~

Monday, November 24

Saying a Final Farewell

Our family will say our final farewell to Aunt May on Wednesday at 1pm. Tuesday there will be visitation for her friends and acquaintances to pay their final respects. After she is laid to rest on Wednesday, we will have a celebration of her life. In future, I will share some memories of Aunt May with all of you. She certainly was an amazing woman.

Mom and I went today to arrange for flowers to be sent to the funeral home. Aunt May couldn't have flowers in life, as she was allergic to all fragrances, so we bought a nice saddle that is made of pine boughs, pine cones and carnations, which were one of her favorite flowers. It is especially made to remain at the grave after she's laid to rest.

Aunt May had her funeral pre-planned so there was very little for the family to do and her wishes will be followed. This is much easier on the family and she had a choice of what she wanted.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and kind words of love and support. I've advised the family that many are thinking of them through this time and they are all amazed. What lovely sentiments. I will print out comments from yesterday's post so Uncle Joe and his family can read all of the lovely sentiments expressed. Aunt May was loved in life and will be no less loved now that she has made her final journey.

Though I haven't been online much and haven't visited like I usually do, I'm thinking of you all. Take care and enjoy the sights, sounds and fragrances of the season. ~Blessings, Mary~

Saying a Final Farewell

We will say our final goodbyes to Aunt May on Wednesday at 1pm. Tuesday we will have visitation from 2 to 4 pm and from 7 to 9 pm, in order that her friends and acquaintances can pay their final respects. After Aunt May is laid to rest, we will have a celebration of her life.

Thank you

Sunday, November 23

God Rest Her Soul

Aunt May passed on to her heavenly home this morning at approximately 10:25 am. She is resting peacefully with no more pain, tears or sorrow. May God bless her soul.

I am fine. Aunt May is finally at peace. Her family will gather together in a celebration of her life. I will post more details as arrangements are made.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for a peaceful passing for Aunt May. Your kind words, loving support and friendship is very much appreciated. ~Blessings, Mary~