Friday, July 24

It Never Rains but what it Pours

I was running very smoothly the last few months. Am getting my Vitamin B12 back where it should be and have had energy again. Taking a supplement of 2500 once a week or so. That seems to be doing the trick. Then, last weekend, I put my back out and was in such severe pain that I phoned a chiropractor on Monday. I could barely walk. The treatment brought me great relief and I made another appt for Wed.

Wed I was okay but after the treatment, I felt even better. Still feeling okay but my neck and back muscles are still tight. I am going again on Monday and then probably not until Friday. After a couple of weeks, I will only do it monthly for maintenance. Chiropractors aren't included in our paid medical coverage, so it's costing some money, but also saving because Senior's get a $25 discount per visit. Only good thing I have found being a senior is that you do get discounts.

Well, it is late and need to rest my back. Thanks to all my previous blogging buddies for dropping by in my earlier post to say hi. Miss you all.