Saturday, April 24

It's Good to Be Home

I can't put into words how good it is to be home. A lot has happened in the last five days. It's all very mind boggling. However, other than tired and feeling like I lost a battle with a Mac Truck, I am fine.

What an awesome experience it was to read all the lovely comments on the short and very sketchy details that hubby left for you. The love of my online friends certainly shines through. Thank you all for your love and support.

Over the next few days I will be writing a bit about my experience in the hospital with open heart surgery. Nothing graphic, but just a little from each day in general. 95% good experiences and a few not so good.

Dakota is very confused as to what is wrong with me but he did very well in behaving when I came into the house, which amazed me. It's almost like he's not sure if I am safe to be around. I remember Meeko reacted much the same way when Dwight came home after his bypass.

Take care. I will update as I can. Thanks to all who sent cards and notes that were so much appreciated.

Friday, April 23

She will be home tomorrow! Mary is fine thank God.

Wednesday, April 21

mary's Recovery

Mary was up walking to day. She is doing fine.

Tuesday, April 20

Mary's Op

She came out of surgery at 6 oclock last night. She is doing fine.

Monday, April 19

mary operation

mary is okay . she will be in icu by 7.