Monday, November 14

Lessons of Childhood

Last Tuesday night, Brandon and Jordan learned a lesson that many of us learned during our childhood. Their dog of 11 years, Buddy, collapsed and couldn't get up. The boys were at their friend's place and Michelle called them home. The vet said he would see the dog at 9:30.

Jordan chose to stay at home, but Brandon went along to the vets to keep Buddy company. The news wasn't good. Buddy had a giant mass in his stomach and it had ruptured. The vet offered treatment for $2,000, but even Brandon knew that it was far too much to pay when the dog was experiencing internal bleeding. He chose to have him euthanized.

Buddy died of the same thing that our Alaskan malamute, Meeko, died of. I wonder what is causing this type of cancer in dogs. Since Meeko passed two and a half years ago, I've heard of this same condition several times.

Brandon and Jordan are having a difficult time. They are missing Buddy terribly. Even I miss him. He always greeted me at the front door when I went in.

RIP, Buddy.