Friday, April 29

Dr. Says Easy Peasy

I have been having a LOT of trouble with my osteoarthritis. The Dr, recommended a shot of cortisone to my knee. It worked great for hubby in his hip. I told her I would think about it.

I was in so much severe pain over the next 2 weeks that I decided to give it a try, even though I have reactions to almost every medication I try to take. The shot was easy enough. Didn't hurt at all and for 4 hours, I was pain free.

As the freezing wore off, my leg began to swell and it became incredibly painful. I have a very high pain threshold and usually pain doesn't bother me too much, but that night I didn't sleep at all. I would doze off and as soon as I moved my leg, I would be wide awake and trying to get some relief. The pain radiated from my ankle to my hip. By the next day, my hips were both swollen and my back was also painful.

I am now avoiding most everything she suggests because this is 3 reactions I've had in 2 month. The reactions have certainly taken their toll and I've been exhausted.

I wish spring would give us a little warmer weather. Still cold and windy today. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice.

Will update when I find out anything about my tests. Still have a couple more and no results back from the ones I've had.

Talk to everyone soon. Hope all is well with each of you.

Sunday, April 24

A Bit of News

I have a bit of news. I had the ultrasound on my heart and everything is looking good in that area. Thank goodness. No more signs of stroke, though I do have the odd off day. Many people are praying and that is good. 

Brandon started his summer job today and really enjoyed it. He worked the afternoon shift for only 4 hours, but got most of the tables set up for the plants. He will work again on Wednesday, morning shift, which will be 9 to 1 pm. That is his favourite shift. The supervisors who gave him such a hassle last year are both gone and the manager is really glad to have him back. He's working with the same young man who he's worked with the last two years. Tuesday we have to go and get our taxes done. We barely got in under the deadline, which is April 30th. We'll both be glad when they are done.

Hubby and I are planning a HUGE yard sale, so we have been working on that. Not exactly sure what weekend that will happen, but have to be prepared. We are also going to take some stuff to the community yard sale at my daughter's for June 4th. Hopefully we will be able to see our floors after that and the little shed will be empty, except for the things we are keeping. That will be only our most precious keepsakes and some furniture. 

Our purple hyacinth bloomed beautifully even though it was on the cool side and we had a little snow. I love them. We didn't get much fragrance this year because of the cold weather, but enjoyed them anyway. 

Our tulips are beginning to bud and I see there is one red one out. Our Oriental poppies are growing. We have two red ones and a white one. Will try to get pictures when they bloom. I love them. 

We will be busy working on polishing up the yard sale goods and sorting boxes that haven't been unpacked since we moved from our house five years ago. Guess if we haven't needed it this far we don't need it at all, so lots of things to sell. I'm sure I will come across a few things to keep. Haven't found the large family Bible yet, but will come across it. This house is packed to the roof and so is the storage unit. Hope we can get rid of it all. 

Talk soon. Take care, everyone

Monday, April 4


Well, after we got the new computer, I couldn't remember my password. I finally remembered it.

Things have been rough here. The beginning of March, the Dr. gave me a different statin and it reacted badly on me. I ended up in horrific arthritis and muscle pain, which was the side effects she neglected to tell me about. For three weeks I was in horrific pain. Then it started to ease and last Wednesday night, I had a mini stroke. I'm wondering if it was also from the effects of the statin.

Not much other news except it took me two days and three service men to get the hot water tank fixed. The car has to have a safety, I broke a tooth and have to see a dentist, which is not a favourite thing of mine. Tomorrow a doppler test on my neck and a CAT Scan.

Hope that does it for a while. My friend has been going through the same kind of hassle. Must be the stars or the moon.

Now that I have my password, I will be posting more frequently. Brandon is going back to the garden centre to work this summer. We will see how that goes. More news soon.

Tuesday, November 10

Brandon's Latest Project

I know I've promised more photos of Owen Sound, but first, I want to show you Brandon's latest project. This one is delightful. I hate to see him sell it, but this is his goal. I love it, but have no place to put it. I have way too many figurines and such around here now and will be selling many of them in a yard sale this coming spring.

He took a bunny planter I had that had never been used. Put some felt on the bottom to keep it from sitting directly on furniture and then worked his magic.

I think he did a fantastic job and it will certainly sell in my Etsy Shop

Now he is working on some Sleigh Bell wreaths. We will see how that goes and if they turn out well enough, I will post some photos. 

Talk to you again soon. It's so nice to be back blogging and checking in with my old friends.