Thursday, August 4

Prayers for Brandon

Please keep Brandon in your prayers. Two days ago, he told me his stomach hurt just above his navel. I looked at it but couldn't see anything amiss. It did feel a little hard in that spot, so told him just to be careful. His mother and I wondered if he had a hernia.

That night, his navel started oozing and the next morning it had really drained overnight. There was a bit of blood in the drainage. I became a little concerned and thought he should see a dr. His mother thought he'd had a boil that had ruptured. She took care of it, cleansing and drying it. It was a little red in the area, but not much and no red streaks that would have indicated blood poisoning.

Today she had a doctor's appointment and she took Brandon with her. Seems that he had a scratch inside his navel that became infected. The doctor gave him an antibiotic and some anti fungal cream. He is to clean the area and apply it to keep the infection from spreading while the antibiotic does its work.

Prayers are very much appreciated. I have never heard of such a thing before and imagine that it may have been scratched by something while he was doing yard work the other day. Thanks.