Saturday, September 25

A Bit of an Update

Yes, I have been awol (absent without leave) yet again. I'm sure most of you know that Mom had a major stroke in August. She was in the hospital and they sent her home without care. I took her to a hospital out of town and she was there four days. Not only had she had a major stroke, she had urinary tract infection again.

When she got out of hospital, she went to my niece's (her granddaughter) out of town but wasn't to be left alone. Last Tuesday she was given the okay to go home. The neurologist told her she is one of the healthiest seniors he has ever seen. She takes very few meds and is very independent. She can drive and do for herself once again. He told her to go home and live her life normally.

Mom does still have a bit of a speech problem. It isn't as bad during the day but at night it increases...some nights to the point where you can barely understand her. It will be harder to know if she is having a stroke in future because her speech is already affected.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to get around to visit everyone. I am trying my best to get my life back on track but things continue to keep me away. Hubby has been sick all week with a cold & a fever and this morning I woke up feeling terrible. It seems he has been generous and given me a gift...yes, his cold. I was freezing all day today, coughing and sneezing.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Fall is officially here and our leaves are just beginning to turn. Have a great week.