Saturday, August 29

Niagara Safari Part Three

This is the last of the Safari Niagara photos. We saw a lot of different animals and really had a nice day.
The monkeys put on quite a show. This one had a baby, but kept it very much protected and away from the crowd most of the time.
This guy was swinging around the cage. Another great show to watch. They were also making a lot of noise.

This macaw was beautiful. He didn't seem to be at all shy.

And in a cage nearby was this beauty.

This lynx was pacing his cage. I'm not sure what was up, but many of the cats were pacing.

A lemur. I was first introduced to these guys when Brandon was two and watched Kratt's Kreatures and Zamboomafoo.

The cygnets were quite big. These are mute swan cygnets. They will eventually be white and have orange beaks.

The bald eagles were beautiful. If you enlarge you can see them much better.
And that is it for photos from this daytrip. It was a lot of fun and I recommend it to those of all ages. Just be sure not to put three in a paddleboat.

Friday, August 28

Safari Niagara Part Two

Yesterday I posted about a great day we had last Monday at Safari Niagara and I promised to tell you about an adventure that could have turned into a tragedy. Well, the boys wanted to go on the paddleboats.

I couldn't go because my arthritic knee won't allow me to sit in such a position. Grandpa said he would take, first one and then the other, of the boys.
The girl who was supervising the paddleboats told them to all go together. I didn't like that idea and neither did Grandpa. All three would be over the weight limit, but the young girl insisted.

So off they went. It looked like a lot of fun and I was envious because I've never been in a paddle boat.
They finally got things going and headed out into the lake.

They were laughing and had a little trouble getting going in the direction they wanted to go.

Off into the sunset lake they go. They seemed to be gone an awful long time according to other people and I began to get a bit concerned.

There's Jordan. How in the world did he get on the opposite bank? He wanted to know if he could swim to where I was. I yelled "No, walk around."

Here comes Grandpa and Brandon.
That boat is tipping to the side. It's hard enough to paddle without leaning to try and keep the boat upright.

When Grandpa and Brandon got out of the paddleboat, that young lady yelled at them for letting Jordan out of the boat and told them they could never use the paddleboats again. By this time my dander was up. Here she was yelling at them in front of a crowd of people. She told them now she would have to empty all the water in the boat out before she could let anyone else use it. Duh! She was the one who told them to all go in one paddleboat. I started towards her but hubby wouldn't let me near her. She would have heard a thing or two. She had recklessly endangered all three of them by telling them to break the rules and go together.
Here comes Jordan carrying Brandon's soaked sandals. Brandon and Jordan were both soaking wet. Hubby was a little wet.

I phoned the manager of Safari Niagara and he called me back today. He apologized and agreed that she endangered all three of them by telling them to go together. He assured me he would take care of it and I'm sure he will. He also told me that when we visited again that we could certainly enjoy the paddleboats.

My concern was not so much for the guys, but what if she did this with youngsters who would panic or not know what to do in the same situation. The paddleboat was sinking and so hubby pulled up to the shore and put Jordan out onto the shore where he would be safe. What else was he to do.

I love Safari Niagara and we're hoping to go back next year. Whether we go out in the paddleboats or not will be decided at a later date. We did have a good laugh about it on the way home.

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to take time to have some fun.

Thursday, August 27

Safari Niagara.

A week or so ago, Pea from Pea's Corner was in Niagara Falls and posted about a place called Safari Niagara. We try to take the boys to at least one theme park each summer and we decided that this one looked like a lot of fun. So last Monday, we headed out early for a day of fun.

We arrived at Safari Niagara and just inside the gates we saw this area. It was closed to the general public for a private function. But that was okay because there were many things to see and do.
Pea had warned her readers that if they visited they should pay the extra $2.00 for use of the tram. We took her advice and did so and we were so glad we did. This place is HUGE...acres and acres of ground to cover.

We hadn't been there long when this woodpecker flew right in front of me. It didn't seem to be afraid of me at all. It landed on a tree but when I tried to take a picture of it, it flew to another tree further away. I guess, like Brandon, it is camera shy. I did get a photo of it but not a good one. I'm hoping that my blogging friend, Ruth, can tell me what kind it is.

These two camels were enjoying the cool day. It was quite cool in the morning 68 F. and most of the animals were really active.

Across from the camels was this giant checker set. We couldn't get close enough to play a game because of the pools of water.

However, nearby was a chess game and the boys decided they would take on Grandpa.

All set up and ready to go. The boys collaborated on their moves.

Brandon and Jordan both play chess. Brandon joined the chess club at school a couple of years ago and learned the game really well. Jordan has learned quickly from his brother. They both have chess sets at home.

Grandpa is sizing up the moves. Some pieces of both colors are now off the board, but remember, chess is a strategy game. It's not like checkers where the last person with pieces wins.

Things were really getting interesting. The game finally ended in a stalemate but the guys sure had fun playing this oversize game.

A capybara. This is the largest rodent in the world. Brandon loves these guys. I had never heard of one until we saw them at Animal Kingdom in Disneyworld, but he is full of information about them.

We decided to attend Zooversity. The young man here has a baby alligator.

And this brave young lady has a python. Snakes are not my favorite thing in the world but this one was gorgeous. It was approximately three years old.

While the young man was showing and telling us about the American alligator, this turkey made an entrance. Everyone laughed and he turned to see what all the fuss was about.

The turkey came closer and the man told us he'd best make a hasty exit with the alligator because alligators and turkeys aren't compatible. The turkey had escaped from the petting farm and made its way to the Zooversity.

American bison, otherwise known as buffalo. The bull was very large and the baby was adorable.

If you enlarge this photo, you will be able to see the hippo much better. He was relaxing near the shore.

Another hippo joined him and they were pushing each other around in the water making grunting sounds. This is the way they play.

This giraffe was quite handsome and he seemed to know it. Did you know giraffe's have blue tongues?

I believe these were elk. They are in rut right now and losing the velvet off their antlers.

The deer pen was flooded with water. Only a couple of spots were dry enough for the deer to lay.

I have more photos and an adventure that could have turned into a catastrophe to tell you about. Stay tuned for part two of Safari Niagara. I'll try my best to get it up tomorrow night, but the boys are staying overnight, so can't promise.

Tuesday, August 25

Another Story Published

Today in the mail I received a copy of Angels in Disguise. The book was edited by the late Phyllis Hobe, who was a wonderful editor to work with. My story, At Peace is on page 53 and my dear friend, Renie Burghardt's story, Vera and the Mockingbirds is on page 178. The book can only be purchased from Guideposts and is available Here if anyone is interested.

Monday, August 24

Welland and Niagara Part Two

We left Welland and within about 20 minutes had arrived at the Falls. We drove around for a bit trying to find a place to park that wouldn't cost us a fortune. No luck.

Hubby decided to pay the atrocious price for parking and then we headed toward the bridge that goes across the road. This is a recent addition. I had seen it the weekend we met Pea from Pea's Corner and Steve.
On our approach to the bridge, I took this photo. If you enlarge it way in the distant you can see a barge stuck on the island. It's been there since August 6, 1918. If you would like to read the history of how the scow was lodged on this shaol, you can read it HERE. It certainly is interesting. There were two men on board at the time.

The gardens with the Rainbow Bridge and the American Falls in the background. It mist was heavy but no one seemed to mind because it was such a hot day.

The Horseshoe or Canadian Falls. These are powerful and I never tire of hearing the thunder of the water as it cascades to the Niagara River below.

Another very pretty look at the Horseshoe Falls. We were very close and what looks like a cloud in the bottom left corner is mist coming off the water.

The Maid of the Mist. She was fully loaded and the line to get aboard was long. I'm not sure I could do the Maid of the Mist. I've thought of it many times but always chickened out found an excuse not to go.

The American Falls are beautiful. I've seen this in the winter and there is always a huge ice bridge here.

We stepped inside to take advantage of the air conditioning and went into a candy shop. This man was making lollipops on a stick. It's very interesting watching the entire process.

The guys, watching the Incline Railroad. It would be an easy way to go up and down the hill. I would gladly go up, but wouldn't want to come down on it. Jordan feels the same way.

The cars were being loaded at the top and bottom. Interesting to watch.

The car on the left is going up the hill while the one on the right is coming down. Everyone arrived at their destination safely.

Then it was off to the van and up Clifton Hill to find the shop that Pea and Steve took us to when we met them in the Falls. Italian ice cream is delicious. I had never tasted it until this summer. It was well worth waiting for.

Once we had treated ourselves, we headed for home. Everyone was tired from an entire day of exploring the Welland/Niagara area, but it was a great day with the boys.

Enjoy your week and remember to give a kind word and a smile to all that you meet.