Thursday, August 27

Safari Niagara.

A week or so ago, Pea from Pea's Corner was in Niagara Falls and posted about a place called Safari Niagara. We try to take the boys to at least one theme park each summer and we decided that this one looked like a lot of fun. So last Monday, we headed out early for a day of fun.

We arrived at Safari Niagara and just inside the gates we saw this area. It was closed to the general public for a private function. But that was okay because there were many things to see and do.
Pea had warned her readers that if they visited they should pay the extra $2.00 for use of the tram. We took her advice and did so and we were so glad we did. This place is HUGE...acres and acres of ground to cover.

We hadn't been there long when this woodpecker flew right in front of me. It didn't seem to be afraid of me at all. It landed on a tree but when I tried to take a picture of it, it flew to another tree further away. I guess, like Brandon, it is camera shy. I did get a photo of it but not a good one. I'm hoping that my blogging friend, Ruth, can tell me what kind it is.

These two camels were enjoying the cool day. It was quite cool in the morning 68 F. and most of the animals were really active.

Across from the camels was this giant checker set. We couldn't get close enough to play a game because of the pools of water.

However, nearby was a chess game and the boys decided they would take on Grandpa.

All set up and ready to go. The boys collaborated on their moves.

Brandon and Jordan both play chess. Brandon joined the chess club at school a couple of years ago and learned the game really well. Jordan has learned quickly from his brother. They both have chess sets at home.

Grandpa is sizing up the moves. Some pieces of both colors are now off the board, but remember, chess is a strategy game. It's not like checkers where the last person with pieces wins.

Things were really getting interesting. The game finally ended in a stalemate but the guys sure had fun playing this oversize game.

A capybara. This is the largest rodent in the world. Brandon loves these guys. I had never heard of one until we saw them at Animal Kingdom in Disneyworld, but he is full of information about them.

We decided to attend Zooversity. The young man here has a baby alligator.

And this brave young lady has a python. Snakes are not my favorite thing in the world but this one was gorgeous. It was approximately three years old.

While the young man was showing and telling us about the American alligator, this turkey made an entrance. Everyone laughed and he turned to see what all the fuss was about.

The turkey came closer and the man told us he'd best make a hasty exit with the alligator because alligators and turkeys aren't compatible. The turkey had escaped from the petting farm and made its way to the Zooversity.

American bison, otherwise known as buffalo. The bull was very large and the baby was adorable.

If you enlarge this photo, you will be able to see the hippo much better. He was relaxing near the shore.

Another hippo joined him and they were pushing each other around in the water making grunting sounds. This is the way they play.

This giraffe was quite handsome and he seemed to know it. Did you know giraffe's have blue tongues?

I believe these were elk. They are in rut right now and losing the velvet off their antlers.

The deer pen was flooded with water. Only a couple of spots were dry enough for the deer to lay.

I have more photos and an adventure that could have turned into a catastrophe to tell you about. Stay tuned for part two of Safari Niagara. I'll try my best to get it up tomorrow night, but the boys are staying overnight, so can't promise.


  1. Mary, it looks as if you all had a wonderful time. The boys and your husband had a great game of chess going on from the pictures.

    It is looking like I won't be working with my student from last year, but things are still up in the air a bit. His placement has not come through, but he is getting violent at home and Mom is a bit scared to send him to school. The teachers and the Mental Health department here are working with her to come to a solution.

    God bless

  2. I have never heard of this place. It looks really interesting. Your bird is a male Downy Woodpecker and your shot is just fine. Kitchener has a giant chess game in front of City Hall. They also have checkers tables set up. I keep meaning to take a picture of them.

  3. Why wasn't grandma giving grand dad a hand and beat the boys?

    I think this place must be the same place I went 35 years ago. I saw an american bison giving birth, and the mums and dads were showing the kids the baby. I was quite shock. An Asian mum won't let their kids witness the birth of animals.

  4. Gosh I would love to take my younger ones there, they would have so much fun!

  5. Cool! I'm intrigued by that Zooversity. I may have to look into that in more detail. :)

  6. I would LOVE to play chess with those sized pieces!!! How fun. Golly, it's been ages since we've played. Guess I'll have to get the chess board out now. You did it!!

    Mary, this looks like an absolutely wonderful place to take kids of all ages!!

  7. What a wonderful place to make memories with your grands

  8. Having just gone there, I kept saying "oh yes, we saw that and we saw this"! hehe I'm so glad you decided to bring the boys there, it really is a great place to visit. It's a shame that not many people seem to know about it, they tend to go to Marineland instead. I've never learned how to play chess and Steve & I wanted a game of checkers but there were two kids playing it when we were there. We talked to one worker who has been there for over 7 years and he was telling us that all the land the zoo is on used to be all marsh and that's why it can still get so wet in some areas. You're lucky you saw the hippos, when we were there it was so hot, they were almost completely under water! Glad you took my advice to take the tram!! lol xoxo

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