Sunday, January 21

Moving is No Fun

Moving is never any fun. This time it wasn't us who moved. Daughter and her husband sold their house just before Christmas and now it's time to move. 

Barry went yesterday morning to pick up the U-Haul so they could move all the boxes. At 9:45, Brandon called to ask if we could come and drive so they could use our van. When his Dad took the U-Haul to fill it with gas, the gear shift disengaged from the transmission. He waited there 3 hours for a tow truck to come and to get a different truck. That didn't bode well for his mood and I can't say I blame him. The place he rented it from told him he could have a discount on his next rental from them. He said there would never be another rental from them and they either gave him a discount or he would sue. That changed their mind. 

In the meantime, the boys and hubby and I had loaded 2 loads and taken them up to the new house and unloaded them. So we did make progress. He took 2 loads with the U-Haul and we took one more. Today they took more but hubby and I were in rough shape. We are too old for this. 

Everyone is exhausted and I'm sure the grandsons and their parents are pretty much done in. They have all the boxes done and the moving company will come next Friday to move the furniture. So glad they had 2 full weeks to move. 

Well, that is the news for today. We will see what this coming week brings. 

Have a great week.