Saturday, October 25

Card Shower for Female Soldier and a Christmas Giveaway

Peggy, from Mission4Monday, is asking us to take on a mission each week. This is my third week particpating and this is a HUGE MISSION. If you would like to participate in Mission4Monday, follow the link above to Peggy's where you will be able to find out how. My Mission 4 Monday is a couple of days early this week. But Ladies and Gents, this woman is on a HUGE MISSION and it can't wait .

I don't think I've ever mentioned on my blog that I write to deployed American soldiers. Yes, I am Canadian but our government doesn't allow (or didn't the last time I checked) us to write to Any Soldier except at Christmas. So, a couple of years ago (maybe more, time flies,) I joined Angels n' Camouflage. This is a group that sends letters, cards and care packages to deployed soldiers and those who have been sent home because of injuries. Angels has many missions but today I'm on a mission of my own.

Since I've joined angels, I've had three soldiers. The first received cards, letters and care packages from me but never heard from him. Soldiers are busy and don't always have time to write us, but we continue to write to them anyway.

My second soldier was also male. I made sure that when it was time for Mail Call, that his name would be called. J and I corresponded by email also, but it is important that deployed soldiers have a piece of mail - a card or a letter, that they can pull out of their pocket when they're feeling a little down or lonely. They tell me that makes all the difference in the world. All they want is a little recognition for their effort; to know that someone back home cares.

Last week was the last time I could write to J. He is coming home in November. Whoohoo! I hope he will have a bit of Leave time so he and his wife can get together. I am not sure if he is going to be deployed again.

I have already made out an application, been accepted and been given the name and address of my new soldier. This one is female. Boy, do I know some nice things I can send to her. Although I can't give out her name, I will call her S. She is very young and is thousands of miles aways from home. So, I thought I would have a Christmas card shower for her.

Yes, I know it is a while until Christmas. However, since I can't give out her name and military address, the cards will have to come to me and then I will mail them to S. The card can be purchased in a store or homemade. You can write a personal message in the card if you wish. You can include a small item such as a bookmark or prayer. You may put it in an envelope or just send the card. Whatever you wish, but please mail me lots of cards that I can forward to S.

Please take this time to show S that we are thinking of deployed soldiers during the holiday season and that we appreciate the fact that she is putting herself at risk to serve her country. Please email me at and I will send you my mailing address so you can get your card out as soon as possible. I can't guarantee that cards reaching me after November 15th will reach S in time for the holidays, so please mail your card over the weekend or early next week.

To create a little excitement for you as well as for S, I will put everyone's name who sends a card for her into a hat and have a Christmas ornament giveaway. For every person who comments on this post and lets me know they are going to use the button above (thanks, Anni) and tell others about this, I will enter their name into the draw an additional time. This is going to be CHRISTMAS FUN for EVERYONE!!!

If you decide to join Angels n' Camouflage by following the link at the top of this post and you are accepted, I will add your name one additional time. So, you have three chances to get your name in the hat.

I do hope you will consider mailing me a card I can send to S. I want to make this a very special Christmas for this young lady and appreciate your participation. ~Blessings, Mary~

Thursday, October 23

More Than a Friend # 2

Sherry at My Journey Back has started a new meme. Participants are to write about a friend that has meant a lot to them. Last week I wrote about my real life friend, Jo Ann. This week my friend will remain anonymous but I do want to pay tribute to her.

I met this particular friend in the fall of 2007 when I first started my blog. She is loving and thinks of others before herself. She is married with grown children and six grandchildren. Her family means everything to her.

Shortly after I met her, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a masectomy. They operated and gave her chemo and radiation. Though we all prayed she would be healed, that hasn't happened so far. The cancer has now spread to other areas and she is going through a difficult time.

This woman has been a real inspiration to me. She looks toward God and is at peace with her diagnosis and prognosis. She told me last night that "All is well with my soul." What a wonderful outlook on life in general and also on her illness.

People come into our lives for a reason and this woman has been a beacon of inspiration and hope for me. May God bless her abundantly as she continues her battle with cancer.

Now, we are supposed to tag one person each week and ask them to tell us about one of their friends. Last week I tagged Hootin' Anni. This week I'm going to tag Storyteller. ~Blessings, Mary~

Tuesday, October 21

Prayer Requests myspace graphic comments
Prayers are needed for the following people:

Deena at Can I Be Pretty in Pink. Deena is battling cancer. Please pray for all of her needs to be met.

Carolyn at Talk to Grams has just had stints put in her leg and she had a rough time after the surgery. She has to go back during the first week of November to have the other leg done. Please pray for a much less difficult experience.

My Aunt May is suffering a lot of pain from her cancer. She hasn't returned my calls, so I know she is going through a difficult time. Pray that her pain will be relieved.

Melissa and her boys. Their home was broken into and ransacked. Her rent money for next month was stolen and many things are missing. Please pray the insurance company will reimburse her for all that she lost. However, it will not reimburse cash, so she does need prayer for financial aid.

So many others. A little girl three years old named Abby who is also fighting cancer.

Those who have lost their jobs and are out of work.

People who have no food and don't know how they are going to feed their children.

The homeless.

For God's Will to be done in the upcoming US election.

Please pray for leaders around the world. Every country in the world needs pray.

For all the bloggers who are experiencing illness, family problems, financial woes, the death of a loved one.

Anyone else you can think of to pray for. This is just a very small example of the people who need prayer. If you know someone who is in need of prayer, please leave a comment and I will add them to my prayer list.

~Blessings, Mary~

Monday, October 20

Mission 4 Monday # 2

Peggy, from Mission4Monday, is asking us to take on a mission each week. Last week I took on Autism because October is Autism Month in Canada. Well, October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this week my mission is to tell you about my Aunt May.

In 2005, Aunt May was diagnosed with breast cancer. She followed her doctor's orders, had a partial masectomy and went back for all of her regular checkups. She was told she was cancer free and there was no need to worry. She was just to come back for her regular checkups.

In January 2007, Aunt May began having excruitiating pain in her left leg. She asked the doctor about it several times and he told her she had sciatica. She was suffering terribly and there seemed to be no end in sight. Now Aunt May doesn't complain unless something is extremely wrong. She has been frail all of her life and at the age of 75, she has learned to live with whatever life hands out. She was born with a rare blood condition and has been in and out of hospital her entire life.

In April 2007, Aunt May was walking into the kitchen when the phone rang. She turned to go back to answer it and her leg broke as she turned. No warning except for the pain. When she got to the hospital, they admitted her, took x-rays and told her she had bone cancer and it had completly eaten away her left hip.

For the next 5 months, Aunt May was in hospital. She underwent radiation and surgery to rebuild her left hip. The surgeon had to actually build it from scratch with rods and wire. No chemo was given at this time because they said with her rare blood condition, it would kill her.

In April 2008, they found that the cancer had moved into Aunt May's spine and brain. They told her they were going to give her chemo. She was frightened and didn't really want to take the chance that it might kill her. Without the chemo the prognosis was 2 weeks to live. With it...possibly 2 months. Now, 6 months later, Aunt May is still with us, but is suffering with pain constantly. She doesn't complain much and is still getting around. She tires easily, which is to be expected.

My Mission 4 Monday is to let women know that doctors aren't always right. After all, Aunt May's family doctor diagnosed bone cancer as sciatica until it was very advanced.

Women have been brought up to never question doctors and this is wrong. We are all responsible for our own bodies. If your doctor is not doing his/her best for you, get a second opinion. It could mean the difference between discomfort and debilitating pain or even life and death. So take up the challenge and spread the word. You may save a life.

I wish all of my friends and readers a wonderful week filled with all the joys of autumn. ~Blessings, Mary~

Sunday, October 19

Odd Canadian Laws

Many of Canada's old laws are no longer enforced. However, many of them are still valid. Some are odd, some are silly, some are serious. Some were made decades ago and have never been taken off the books and some need to be enforced today, just as they were when they were first made.

In the town where I live in southern Ontario, it is against the law to spit on the sidewalk. However, the law has not been enforced for many years.

Until 1921, drivers were required to drive on the left hand side of the road in Victoria, British Columbia. On December 31, 1921, precisely at the stroke of midnight, all drivers and cyclists began driving on the right side of the road.

If you hinder or interrupt the Canadian Forces while they're training or marching, you will be fined $100. Interfering or impending with the recruitment of Canadian Forces carries a fine of $300.

If you happen upon an injured migratory bird in a Canadian national park, you are required to kill it immediately. If not, you can be fined $300. (Wouldn't it be better to call a Fish & Game office and find out if the bird could be saved? )

Horses are not allowed to stand on Edmonton streets for longer than 20 minutes. This law was passed in 1920, assuring people doing business didn't loiter or stay to chat with merchants.

Street musicians must not give children balloon animals in Victoria, British Columbia.

Everyone loves to ride in a one-horse-open sleigh. On Ontario highways the horse must have two bells attached to its' harness, or two bells must be fastened to the sleigh. The fine for not obeying this law - $5.

Wolfville, Nova Scotia has a curfew for those under the age of 15. All youngsters must be off the street by 9 pm from October to March and 10 pm in summer, unless they are with a parent or guardian. The bylaw, though still valid, has not been enforced since 1980. It should be.

In Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, all cyclists are required to carry a kerosene lantern, which can be seen plainly.

Unless you want to face a fine of up to $25,000., you must never release a raccoon out of its territory in the province of Ontario.

You cannot release ten or more helium-filled balloons in any City of Toronto park within a 24 hour period.

In Fort Qu' Appelle, Saskatchewan all teenagers walking down the main street must have their shoes tied.

Ontario law states it is illegal to paint any bus bright yellow unless it is being used to transport handicapped adults or school children.

No school bus or other public vehicle can change gears while crossing a railroad track. The law requires all buses stop before crossing railway tracks.

Halifax, Nova Scotia has a bylaw that states that grass on the boulevard (between the curb and sidewalk) must not be longer than 6 inches (15 centimetres) tall. If a dispute arises, the grass will be measured by city officials. I guess they have nothing better to do.

Canadian law states that no person shall offer a rewarded for lost or stolen property if promising "no questions will be asked." Questions will most definitely be asked.

Canada's criminal code states that anyone, "offending a public place with a bad smell" is liable to two years in jail. LOL I've met up with a lot of people that should be in jail.

You cannot knowingly sell any defective merchandise to Her Majesty the Queen or her agents. If you do, you may find yourself imprisoned for up to 14 years.

In February 1999, a judge in Collingwood, Ontario sent a summons to a retired schoolteacher. The offence - letting the Canadian Flag snap too loudly in the wind. (Most ridiculous. I thought we lived in Canada. )

Toronto and Halifax both have laws forbidding anyone to "spy" on people in city parks. This is an old law. Today it would be stalking.

One old law in British Columbia makes it illegal to kill a sasquatch (big foot). Another in Toronto makes it illegal for pigs to run in the streets. This became law in 1834 and has never been changed.

If you live in St. John's, Newfoundland don't keep cows in your house. It's also against the law to drive cattle through the streets of St. John's after 8am.

A very serious law has been established in the Yukon to protect pets and drivers. A pet found at large within 30 metres (100 feet) of the centre of the highway brings a fine to the owner of $100. If this happens three times in one year, the fine goes up to $500.

Nova Scotia's Baby Chick Protection Act makes it illegal to sell, give or display an artificially colored chick. Doing so will bring a fine of $100 or 30 days in jail.

Margarine was banned from Canada in 1886. However, in Quebec it is illegal for margarine to be the same color as butter. For years, it was illegal in that province to have margarine in your refrigerator. It costs $100,000 per month for Quebec to produce non-butter colored margarine.

Under Section 456 of Canada's Criminal Code, it is illegal to deface "current coin." This includes the burning or defacing of paper currency. Who can afford to do that? This also includes putting pennies, nickels and dimes on train tracks to flatten them.

Halifax County has a bylaw that makes it illegal to knock, ring a doorbell or shout after 10 pm.

Every time beavers build a dam in a waterway in Canada's national parks, they are breaking the law. Blocking a waterway in a national park brings a fine of $100. (Wonder how the government plans to collect. Any ideas? )

Never carry a slingshot when entering a national park within Canada's borders. Even if you don't use it, you can be fined up to $200.

Don't put a slow moving sign on a vehicle that isn't slow moving if you plan to drive on Ontario's highways. A vehicle displaying a slow moving sign that is moving at normal speeds will be stopped and the driver fined.

It is against the law to drive a sled dog team on a sidewalk in any settlement within the borders of the Northwest Territories.

If you leave an animal in distress in Canada's Yukon, you will face six months in jail or a fine of $500.

A few interesting facts as I didn't have time today to get my Green Thumb photos taken. Have a great Sunday and remember to spend time with your family. ~Blessings, Mary~