Saturday, October 25

Card Shower for Female Soldier and a Christmas Giveaway

Peggy, from Mission4Monday, is asking us to take on a mission each week. This is my third week particpating and this is a HUGE MISSION. If you would like to participate in Mission4Monday, follow the link above to Peggy's where you will be able to find out how. My Mission 4 Monday is a couple of days early this week. But Ladies and Gents, this woman is on a HUGE MISSION and it can't wait .

I don't think I've ever mentioned on my blog that I write to deployed American soldiers. Yes, I am Canadian but our government doesn't allow (or didn't the last time I checked) us to write to Any Soldier except at Christmas. So, a couple of years ago (maybe more, time flies,) I joined Angels n' Camouflage. This is a group that sends letters, cards and care packages to deployed soldiers and those who have been sent home because of injuries. Angels has many missions but today I'm on a mission of my own.

Since I've joined angels, I've had three soldiers. The first received cards, letters and care packages from me but never heard from him. Soldiers are busy and don't always have time to write us, but we continue to write to them anyway.

My second soldier was also male. I made sure that when it was time for Mail Call, that his name would be called. J and I corresponded by email also, but it is important that deployed soldiers have a piece of mail - a card or a letter, that they can pull out of their pocket when they're feeling a little down or lonely. They tell me that makes all the difference in the world. All they want is a little recognition for their effort; to know that someone back home cares.

Last week was the last time I could write to J. He is coming home in November. Whoohoo! I hope he will have a bit of Leave time so he and his wife can get together. I am not sure if he is going to be deployed again.

I have already made out an application, been accepted and been given the name and address of my new soldier. This one is female. Boy, do I know some nice things I can send to her. Although I can't give out her name, I will call her S. She is very young and is thousands of miles aways from home. So, I thought I would have a Christmas card shower for her.

Yes, I know it is a while until Christmas. However, since I can't give out her name and military address, the cards will have to come to me and then I will mail them to S. The card can be purchased in a store or homemade. You can write a personal message in the card if you wish. You can include a small item such as a bookmark or prayer. You may put it in an envelope or just send the card. Whatever you wish, but please mail me lots of cards that I can forward to S.

Please take this time to show S that we are thinking of deployed soldiers during the holiday season and that we appreciate the fact that she is putting herself at risk to serve her country. Please email me at and I will send you my mailing address so you can get your card out as soon as possible. I can't guarantee that cards reaching me after November 15th will reach S in time for the holidays, so please mail your card over the weekend or early next week.

To create a little excitement for you as well as for S, I will put everyone's name who sends a card for her into a hat and have a Christmas ornament giveaway. For every person who comments on this post and lets me know they are going to use the button above (thanks, Anni) and tell others about this, I will enter their name into the draw an additional time. This is going to be CHRISTMAS FUN for EVERYONE!!!

If you decide to join Angels n' Camouflage by following the link at the top of this post and you are accepted, I will add your name one additional time. So, you have three chances to get your name in the hat.

I do hope you will consider mailing me a card I can send to S. I want to make this a very special Christmas for this young lady and appreciate your participation. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. As the Mom of a soldier I can't tell you how I appreciate this. My son is not deployed but is stationed in Korea and this will be his first Christmas away from home. I'm sure S will appreciate any cards she gets. I think you are extra special to be doing this for an American soldier. You can count on an e-mail from me!

  2. Mary, this is a beautiful thing writing to soldiers. Good for you :-)

  3. Please email your address to me, Mary. I'll get a card out as soon as I can, and I'll post your button and about your mission on my Sunday Dinner post on Saturday evening.

    Happy weekend!

    Love and hugs,


  4. You KNOW I'm in on this special 'occasion'!!! I just now got my card readied for your mission. I'll hopefully get it out over the weekend to you. It'll be in a blank envelope inside another envelope. :o)

    You should be so proud of what you're doing!!! The Americans love you for it.

  5. I'd like to send a card to S. I wanted to thank you for your encouragement. I didn't hear from my soldier so I just thought he probably didn't like my letter. It never crossed my mind that he would be too busy to write. I'll write again.

  6. My two family memebers got home safe and sound... I would definitely love to send a Christmas card to someone else... count me in!

  7. Dearest Mary,

    Leave it to you to come up with such a brilliant idea! I can just imagine that soldier's face when she sees all these cards:-) I will definitely be sending you one to forward to her...I'll mail it Monday morning! I'll also put the button on my blog and hopefully you will get lots of people to participate. xoxo

  8. Mary, I love this idea! I will try to do this, and maybe even have my girls make cards too! :)

  9. This is a wonderful project - please e-mail me the address. And enter me in the drawing, of course!

  10. You are such a sweetie to do this, Mary. Please email me your address and I will send a card to you to send to S.....
    I am putting Aunt May's name on my sidebar under CHECK YOUR everyone seeing it can pray for all these brave and strong women suffering from this killer disease...Thank you for giving us her name...
    love, bj

  11. Oh Mary,
    What a wonderful 'Mission.' I would be honored to be part of your card shower. I'll send off an e-mail to you in the morning. Your kind heart never ceases to touch mine and make me want to be a better person. One at a time...;)

    p.s. if you have a chance stop by my place...maybe you can help me with my dilema!

  12. What a beautiful gift you are blessings these soldiers with. Praise God for the love you are sharing with each one!

    Thanks for letting me know about this organization too.

    In His amazing grace!

  13. Mary-just an outstanding plan!! I'm so glad you thought of it and shared it with us. I'll email you in a moment for your address!

    p.s. thank you for the cup of coffee.

  14. Good, happy Sunday Morning Mary!!
    Just popping in to wish one of my favorite bloggers a good day!!!


  15. I will be sending you a card for her sometime this week! What a neat idea! Hugs Grams

  16. Mary what a wonderful thing you are doing. Thank you so very much. I think more people should follow your example.
    Now in your email address you have .ca. I am assuming that is supposed to be .com?? I will definetly be doing this one.

  17. Hi Mary,
    I'd love to participate in this great mission you've chosen. Email me your address and I'll get a card to you as soon as I can.

  18. It looks as though S. is going to be getting quite a few cards for the holiday season. This was just a fantastic idea ;)

    On the other note; when I go to write a new post there is nothing on the right side of the page and in fact there is nothing across the top of the page, such as font, insert link, insert photo, etc. I am truly lost as what to do or how I ever managed to get this so messed up!!! Thanks for your help.

  19. just found your blog...forget how;
    I have an 8 year old with autism...

    loving your site, will be back when I have time to read more...

  20. How wonderful, Mary, thank you for doing this! I'd love to participate. As a former Air Force girl who was stationed far, far from home, I know this will be a wonderful gift to S. I'll email you for your address. Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out my post on PFC Levine. Blessings to you.

  21. I would love to participate in this card shower. What a wonderful idea.
    Have a great week.

  22. Blessings Mary! What a great idea! I pray that this outpouring of love will be overflowing with response!
    I saw many comments before mine so I hope that means they are willing to send cards & cards & cards. I'm not sure that a Christmas card from Mexico will arrive there...mail is not high priority here...and the system has a bit to be desired. I will try & see. I know before my dad passed away, he mailed me a letter in August, that I received in September, on the day he died.
    Any soldier deserves to be remembered! This is such a wonderful service you are doing! Probably a big mission that God totally delights in! Since I'm not sure about my card, I will guarantee my prayers and if you'd like I can put your button or post on my regular blog where I have a bit more traffic. Thank you for your giving heart & sharing this with's a GREAT mission! May God pour in many blessings and cards! Keep us posted as how you're doing! You should keep this post up first for a while

  23. Mary, what a wonderful thing you are doing here. Please include me in, I would love to be part of your card shower.
    Love, Ann

  24. My card will be on its way tomorrow sweetie.

  25. I'll be e-mailing you in next few days about card shower.

    Coffee is on.

  26. I am in girl! I will get a card and a little something in the mail the very first part of the week...... I will get an email off to you tomorrow night........ We are headed to the City tomorrow and will be gone most of the day...... Life has been busy and it seems that every time I try to blog I run out of time..... I am changing direction in my shop and I hope to have pictures Monday........ We had a wonderful time on our little trip but happy to be home.......... I have so missed my blogging friends! You have become such a part of my life...

  27. What a great mission, Mary! I hope my card can reach you on time! May God bless your labours of love in ministering to these soldiers.