Sunday, May 31

Can This Be True?

Some of you may remember Brandon as a little boy. Well, he has grown into a fine young man. He graduated in June 2013 and then took a Victory Lap year in Horticulture. 

Last summer, he got a job at a local grocery garden center. He got laid off in August, but they told him to reapply in March. Between times, he worked for Toys R Us for Christmas and got laid off December 29th.

This year he started at the garden center in April and is enjoying it. On May 27th, last Wednesday, he turned 20. We are having a BBQ for him this afternoon.

Can this be true! It seems like yesterday I was standing in the delivery room and for the next 3 months, walking the floor with a baby that had a bad case of Colic. Now he is 20. Seems impossible.