Saturday, May 5

It's Been a While...

It's been a while since I posted anything here and just want to let everyone know we're doing well. The grandsons are coming today to help do some yard work to get ready for planting time here in southern Ontario. I'm hoping to put a garden in but not sure what I'm planting. I did buy tomato plants the other day. We always plant tomatoes. Maybe some green peppers, beans and potatoes? I really wanted to plant sweet corn, but there are too many raccoons around here to do that.

In other news, hubby's cortisone shot really relieved the pain in his hip. He's doing great now and back to normal. I still haven't received the results from my heart monitor, so guess all is well. I'm hoping that the dr would have phoned if something was wrong. I'm still having palpitations every once in while. Guess my heart just feels like dancing.

Brandon and Jordan were sick all last week with allergies. It's that time of year. They finally got back to school on Friday.

Not much more news here. It was very warm yesterday, over 80 F., but today is considerably cooler, which makes me happy. The heat and I don't mix.

Hoping to have something more interesting to blog about soon.