Saturday, September 12

My Computer Wallpaper

I took a screen capture and saved it on my computer. Do you think I can find it? No way. I looked in every picture folder I have and no go. Anyway, the above photo is what is on my computer screen. It was taken last September when Brandon, Mom and I went up north. This fountain is found in Gravenhurst, Ontario and I thought it was so pretty with all the mums around it.

What photo or wallpaper do you have on your computer screen?

Friday, September 11

Victorian Calling Cards

As many of my readers know, I enjoy collecting postcards and paper memorabilia. Today I was searching online and found out a bit more about calling cards. These cards were used in the Victorian era. If you visited someone, you left your calling card. Here are a few examples and a bit of information on these delightful cards.

When visiting friends, or "making calls," people would leave a card at the front door or parlor, even if the person they were visiting was home. They were used as a reminder about who had visited recently and deserved a visit in turn. Sometimes a loving greeting was added, though the card alone was considered a message.

It was considered a "red-letter day," a term that originated with the tradition of marking holy days in a church calendar in red, when a young "maid" or man was granted his or her first visiting card. As for babies whose cards were sent out by their parents, theirs was "the tiniest and daintiest of cards, fit for fairies!" according to one Victorian Lady, Margaret Sangster, in her etiquette book entitled Good Manners For All Occasions.

The fashions of calling cards varied with the trends; sometimes middle initials were fashionable, other times not; some cards were ornate, while others were of a "severe style," particularly for the gentlemen.

In the book Decorum, published in 1877, the following recommendations were made for refined visiting card etiquette: "Visitors should furnish themselves with cards. Gentlemen ought simply to put their cards into their pocket, but ladies may carry them in a small elegant portfolio, called a card-case. This they can hold in their hand and it will contribute essentially (with an elegant handkerchief of embroidered cambric) to give an air of good taste."

I'm always interested in learning about customs of days gone by. I would love to collect these beautiful cards, but have never seen any that were in reasonably good condition that were priced within my budget. Still, I enjoy seeing them and wondering about the person who had left their card in the parlor of a friend or aquaintance.

I wish everyone a great weekend.

Thursday, September 10

Can You Believe This?

Hubby and I were out at one of the local retail hardware stores on Wednesday and we couldn't believe our eyes. Yeap, Christmas lights and decorations were on display. I almost choked, I was so surprised. The kids just went back to school here. Before Christmas, and this year on October 12th, is Canadian Thanksgiving and then on the 31st, Halloween, but not one fall decoration, pumpkin or Halloween costume was in sight. I wouldn't have been so surprised if these things had been out on display...but Christmas. Give me a break. How commercialised are they trying to make this holiday?

As for me, Christmas won't be as elaborate this year. Yes, we will have a tree and yes, we will put up our traditional decorations, but it's going to be a simple Christmas in this house. I still can't believe that they have Christmas decorations on display in the beginning of September. LOL

Wednesday, September 9

The Excitement Continues

I saw the boys after school today and they are both still quite excited about school this year. What a blessing that is. There was a time when we had trouble getting them off to school in the mornings and then we got phone calls telling us that they wanted to come home. I'm so glad they are settling in well.

Jordan has already had three tests. He scored perfect on two of them and got 42 out of 50 on the other one. Way to go. He told me that since none of his friends are in his class, he might actually get some work done. And he is excited about his grades so far. That is a great start and maybe this is just the encouragement he needed. If he sees he can get his work done and get good grades, he will try harder.

Brandon told me that he had to draw fish yesterday at school. I asked him, "Why fish?" He said they are taking Grecian and Indian art and that the fish are to decorate their pottery. Brandon always did love making pottery. He's done it at school before and one summer him and his mother took a class. I look forward to seeing and photographing his projects when they are finished.

He has a horticulture test on Friday. He said they are preparing the greenhouse for planting.

Brandon likes to garden and this just may be his niche. We will see. He told me that he knows all ten plants that he has to identify on Friday and he named them for me. Included were rose, hydrangea, thyme, oregano, chives and more. Most of them are herbs and I suspect the horticulture teacher is teaching them how to plant and harvest the herbs that they use to cook with in cooking class. The school has a restaurant and the students prepare and serve the meals. They also do the clean up...preparation for those who wish to be chefs or cooks.

Not much else going on around here. Hubby and I ran errands and paid bills today. We also bought a small snowblower. We tried to buy one last year, but they were sold out early because of all the snow we had. This year they warned to buy or order them early, so we heeded their advice. It is set up and all ready to go except for the gas and oil. Hubby will get that mixed and added near the end of October.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week. I certainly am enjoying the excitement in the boys' voices and the sparkle in their eyes as they tell me about their new school year and what they are doing. Those boys keep me young and light up my life.

Tuesday, September 8

The First Day of School

This photo of the boys is about 3 years old. They have changed quite a bit from then, as you can see. Where does the time go? Today, Brandon started high school and Jordan entered grade 7. Seems like yesterday they were babies in arms and I was walking the floor with them. Brandon has colic when he was a baby and since I didn't take care of Jordan during his first year of life, my first real experience with any illness of his was when the boys both had chicken pox...and I mean chicken on top of the other.

We've got through it all. This morning I drove Brandon to school because the bus people didn't have him on their list. He was fine with that. We parked in the parking lot and he stayed with me until it was time to go in. He never looked back, just went through the front door as if he'd been going there his entire life.

Michelle took Jordan to school and made sure he got the teacher that would be best for him...and he did. Mr. M, who was Brandon's teacher for grade 6 and 7 had one year's peace and now he has Jordan. LOL He is a good teacher and Jordan reported that he had a great day when I picked him up this afternoon.

Barry picked up Brandon on his way home from work and Brandon was beaming when I asked him about his first day of high school. So another milestone has passed and things will change once again. It seems like yesterday he started his first day of kindergarten and now...before we could blink...high school.

I'm glad both boys had a great first day back at school and I hope everyone else who started back today had just as much fun.

Monday, September 7

The Last Hoorah of Summer

Well, I did get new batteries for my camera, but when hubby and I set out this morning to get the boys, the camera got left behind. We picked them up around 10am and took them fishing. They each caught a fish and had several more bites. By noon, we had drowned a dozen worms...or the fish had stolen them from our hooks. We left the tranquil peacefulness of the pond and headed to Port Dover for lunch.

Port Dover is a fishing village on the shores of Lake Erie. I've posted about it before and if you're not familiar with it, you can read about it Here. They have a place where you can get the best hamburgers and footlongs. It's been there for about 90 years. It's a tradition to go to Port Dover and have lunch at the Arbor, so off we went.

After lunch, we crossed the street and played a game of mini golf. I love this mini golf course. I took pictures of it and posted them HERE . I was leading on the front half of the course but sure went downhill on the back half. Hubby came in first this time, then Brandon, Jordan and me. The boys are always ecstatic when they beat me. They were a bit worried until we reached the 9th hole and it was all downhill for me from there.

After mini golf, we got an ice cream and headed home. They boys played with Dakota and had some fun with him and then it was off home for supper and to get their backpacks and school supplies ready for tomorrow.

Yes, it's back to school. It's hard to believe that Jordan is going into grade 7 and Brandon is attending his first year at high school. Where has the time gone?

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.