Wednesday, September 9

The Excitement Continues

I saw the boys after school today and they are both still quite excited about school this year. What a blessing that is. There was a time when we had trouble getting them off to school in the mornings and then we got phone calls telling us that they wanted to come home. I'm so glad they are settling in well.

Jordan has already had three tests. He scored perfect on two of them and got 42 out of 50 on the other one. Way to go. He told me that since none of his friends are in his class, he might actually get some work done. And he is excited about his grades so far. That is a great start and maybe this is just the encouragement he needed. If he sees he can get his work done and get good grades, he will try harder.

Brandon told me that he had to draw fish yesterday at school. I asked him, "Why fish?" He said they are taking Grecian and Indian art and that the fish are to decorate their pottery. Brandon always did love making pottery. He's done it at school before and one summer him and his mother took a class. I look forward to seeing and photographing his projects when they are finished.

He has a horticulture test on Friday. He said they are preparing the greenhouse for planting.

Brandon likes to garden and this just may be his niche. We will see. He told me that he knows all ten plants that he has to identify on Friday and he named them for me. Included were rose, hydrangea, thyme, oregano, chives and more. Most of them are herbs and I suspect the horticulture teacher is teaching them how to plant and harvest the herbs that they use to cook with in cooking class. The school has a restaurant and the students prepare and serve the meals. They also do the clean up...preparation for those who wish to be chefs or cooks.

Not much else going on around here. Hubby and I ran errands and paid bills today. We also bought a small snowblower. We tried to buy one last year, but they were sold out early because of all the snow we had. This year they warned to buy or order them early, so we heeded their advice. It is set up and all ready to go except for the gas and oil. Hubby will get that mixed and added near the end of October.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week. I certainly am enjoying the excitement in the boys' voices and the sparkle in their eyes as they tell me about their new school year and what they are doing. Those boys keep me young and light up my life.


  1. It's wonderful that the boys are enjoying themselves and learning too! I love Jordan's comment about actually getting some work done!

  2. I hope they like it this much all year!

    And I hope you don't have to use the snowblower too soon.

  3. Glad the boys are liking school this year. As you say, Brandon may have found his calling with the horticulture class.

    I really hope I'm wrong, but I have a feeling we're going to have an early, snowy and bad Winter this year. Your new snow blower may get quite a workout.


  4. Fingers crossed that they enjoy school for the rest of the year!! Tests already, geez they don't waste time, do they! lol Sounds like Brandon is going to do really well with the horticultural class...I remember you telling me how much he enjoys gardening:-)

    Let's hope you don't need to use that snowblower any time soon! lol It continues to be summer like weather over here and my air conditioner has been on every day. Never thought I'd be using it in September! lol xoxo

  5. That is awesome about their test scores, definitely encourage Brandon in gardening, I tell ya as an aspergers young man he needs something(s) he's good at to keep his mind occupied over the years, anyway sounds like you and his mom are doing a great job.

  6. How neat to have a greenhouse as part of your schooling.

  7. What interesting things are going on at the boys' school. Are they in the same one?
    I like a little snow in the winter but I wouldn't want to live where I had as many inches as you do. I did live in Pennsylvania for a couple of years. It was an experience.
    Mama Bear

  8. Exciting to hear how the boys are loving school.. hope it continues... snow blower... that's something we've never needed.. LOL I just hate the thoughts of cold weather coming back... but I can see signs of it's returning...

  9. Learning should be fun as we have to keep it up all our lives. It is a good thing the boys have good teachers and are off to a great start.