Saturday, May 22

Time for an Update

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I was finally able to get up to the hospital and see Mom on Thursday. She seemed to be in good spirits while we were there, but phoned later in the afternoon and seemed a bit depressed. The doctor had been in and told her that IF the spot on her ovary was cancer whether she would want chemo and/or radiation or if she just wanted to let it take her life. I freaked out! What right does this woman have asking my mother such a question when no diagnosis has been made. I can see her asking if a diagnosis of cancer had already been made, but they don't even know for sure what the spot is. She's been waiting 2 weeks to have another catscan. She was also to be getting therapy for her leg, but nothing had been done about that either. She was just lying in the hospital doing nothing. So, impatient person that I am, I called the hospital administrator's office.

They were not happy to hear from me. First I blasted them for the doctor asking Mom about the chemo...well, not so much that as the way she put it to her. Made me madder than a wet hen. Secondly, they didn't like hearing that Mom had been in there 3 weeks and hasn't received any therapy. Within an hour, she was moved to the therapy floor. Today she has a nice male nurse and sounds more like her old self. I think she was getting depressed because they weren't doing anything for her. She is also getting better care for her bladder on the therapy floor, so I guess I did the right thing.

I am getting a little stronger each day, but walking the halls to find Mom's room on Thursday really tired me out. I have been tired ever since and today being cloudy and raining...a gloomy day...hasn't helped. I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow. Yesterday I rested and slept a lot, but that is part of it. I go to the cardiologist on Tuesday for my post op checkup, so may have more news then.

Josh has been going through a phase of anger, which the specialists tell my brother is normal. He did enjoy a nice visit from his girlfriend the other night. She came and spent 4 hours and the staff said he was certainly in a better mood the next day. I'm sure he thought she had deserted him but she is going to school and working two jobs, which takes up a lot of her time. I'm hoping to get to see him in the near future, but it's a 30 minute drive to the hospital he's in so it won't be for a while yet.

This is the Victoria Day weekend here in Canada. Wishing all my Canadian friends a safe holiday.

Sunday, May 16

What's in my Garden and Yard?

Dakota is enjoying the nice weather. The birds land just out of his reach and he sits there and watches them. Then when they fly away, he tries to chase them. It's comical to watch.
My pink columbine. Aunt May gave me a piece of hers about 5 years ago and I am extremely fond of this because it is something to remember her by.

Forget me nots are blooming. Every year they spread and take over more of the garden. However, they die back early and give way for the hollyhocks, delphiniums, carnations and other flowers that are planted here.

Today hubby and the boys weeded the flower beds and the veggie garden. Next weekend we will be planting tomato plants and leaf lettuce. Mmm! I can hardly wait for fresh veggies from the garden, but don't want to wish the summer away.

My iris. This plant had dozens of blooms this year. Some died back and we removed them which made way for more to bloom. They are one of my favorites in the spring garden.

Since these photos were taken my Black Knight iris is blooming. Just a couple of blooms on it this year. I really need to transplant it in August to see if it will do better. I also have canterbury bells coming into bloom, peonies and my Oriental poppies. The hollyhocks are about a foot high but have a long way to go. I'm watching the garden patiently to see what will be the next to bloom. My guess is the peonies. I'll try to get some photos when the buds open.

I'm doing better everyday. Yesterday hubby and I went treasure hunting and found a few things at the fleamarket and a couple of garage sales. Last night I was really tired and was in bed by 10pm. Today I'm doing fine and supervised the garden weeding.

Mom is still in hospital and not doing great. She's had a lot of nausea since Thursday when they changed her meds. I have a hunch that the new meds don't agree with her. They have done a scope on the bladder and an ultra sound but haven't given her any results yet. They are keeping her in hospital until they find out exactly what is going on. I'm very frustrated that the nurses still don't want me to go to see her in case of staph infection. She's been in hospital 2 weeks and I haven't been able to get up to see her. We made sure she has a phone so we talk once or twice a day.

Josh is doing much better and in a very intensive therapy program. At present he is frustrated and angry because his brain is telling him he can do things that he can't do. I totally understand that.

Please keep everyone in your prayers. We are all on the mend.