Saturday, October 2

Some Great News

This is a photo that was taken of Brandon just before his grade 8 graduation. He had just turned 14. Last year he went to high school and though he had always disliked school while he was in the elementary grades, he loved it. He worked hard and was moved from regular to advance math at Christmas and did an excellent job. He passed into grade 10 with a nice round figure for the year's average.

Last week he got a special invitation to attend the grade 12 graduation on October 20th. When I first found out, I was a bit baffled. Why would a grade 10 student be invited to a grade 12 grad.

Well, it seems my grandson made the grade 9 honor roll last year and he will be presented with a special award the night of graduation. We don't know yet how many guests he can have but I'm hoping I can go and see him accept his honor.