Friday, June 4

Another Update

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It's been an entire week since I've posted anything. Doesn't seem like that long, but time marches on.

I'm doing more everyday. Yesterday Mom was at home and I went to help her sort through some things. She's decided to downsize. After an hour and a half we were both tired out, so quit. I told her there was always another time and we could work at it little by little. She will be staying at my sister's for another week or so. She's doing fairy well getting used to the permanent catheter.

On Wednesday, I phoned the drs office and asked the receptionist when Dwight's appointment for the stroke clinic was. She told me she had just faxed the information that morning. I freaked out a little and asked her why it took her a week to send the information. She stuttered and stammered and didn't know what to say. I was not happy and she knew it.

I thought it would be days before we heard from the stroke clinic, but they phoned Dwight Thursday morning. He had to go this morning for blood tests. Monday he has to go for an EKG and next Wed. he has to go out of town to the stroke clinic. It seems the local stroke clinic is closed for vacation. I didn't know strokes went on vacation but then I guess I'm being cynical. Everyone deserves a vacation but you would think that a medical facility would remain open with a skeleton crew. But what do I know. I am getting really disillusioned with our health care system.

We had quite a dry spell there for a while but last night we had more rain and I hear thunder rolling in now. It is to rain all weekend, so maybe the water table will rise a little.
Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

Tuesday, June 1

And the Beat Goes On!!!

Well, I couldn't figure out a title to give to this post. Don't know why this one popped into my head, except it seems the trend continues. Hubby had to have an ultrasound on his neck last week. We are waiting for the results. He was having trouble talking and after his stroke last year, it alarmed me, so made him to go the doctor. Yes, MADE him go. He tends to use every excuse in the book not to go. So, when he needed meds, I told him he HAD to talk to the doctor about the spell he had. We should get the results tomorrow or the next day. The doctor is going to refer him to the stroke clinic to see if they can find out why he's having dizzy spells and having a hard time speaking. Of course that was a week ago and we still have no appointment. So tomorrow I will phone the office and get on the secretary about it. She has a habit of putting things off until you raise a fuss and I can certainly do that if necessary.

I was talking to Mom this morning and she doesn't sound good. She is staying with my sister after getting out of hospital on Saturday. She now has a permanent catheter and I think that is causing her to be depressed. She says she is very tired, but they have her on a pain pill that is a narcotic so that, I believe, is normal.

Josh is doing okay...coming along, but still in his angry stage. I can certainly understand that and am hoping to get down to see him soon.

I'm doing much better. Walking a block every evening after it cools down and am going to start now going twice a day...once in the morning before it gets hot and again in the evening. I can do more things, am helping hubby get meals and doing the odd load of laundry. Little by little I'm getting there.

Not much other news from here. We had a bad thunderstorm with torrential rain last night but it only lasted an hour or so, then rained for a while. We certainly needed the rain, but not the torrenetial downpour. We actually need about 3 days of a nice steady gentle rain to bring the water table up.

What's happening in your area? Anything interesting?