Wednesday, November 30

Closing Day

Well, the old house will be gone by the end of the day. There will be no more playing on the hill, no more mowing the terraces. The boys will miss this old place, just as hubby and I are. It feels like we are living in a stranger's house and in a way, we are.

We have had some problems here with getting the refrigerator fixed. It is still freezing food and I'm down packs of insulin and groceries. The landlady just doesn't seem to understand that a refrigerator is a necessity of life. We have lived here since October 3, and have had a working fridge about five days out of that time, if that.

I think I've had patience with this woman up until this point. Now I'm getting really angry. It's stressing me out with all the food and insulin loss and this woman just doesn't get why I'm upset with her. She says we've had a fridge the entire time and the fridge has been here, yes, but a working way.

We will see what happens from here. One worry off my mind by the end of the day will be the old place but come spring I expect we'll be looking for another new place.