Saturday, January 3

Feeling Terrible

Once again, this is how I feel. I had a round of antibiotics over Christmas, but they didn't do much for me. On December 31st, I woke up feeling terrible and it has progressively worsened since then. The head cold that I had at the beginning of December has turned into sinusitis and ear infection. Yesterday I was really sick that I actually went to the walk-in clinic and waited 2 hours to see a doctor.

When the doctor came into the room, I explained what was wrong. She didn't touch me. She listened to my story, told me that she didn't think I needed antibiotics and was going to leave the room. I told her if she didn't write a prescription I was going to be in the hospital. I've suffered with sinusitis and ear infection for almost 30 years and know what happens. So, she wrote me a prescription. I went to the drugstore, got the prescription filled and took the recommended dosage immediately. It was only an hour before I began to feel better, but it took me until 2 am to settle down to sleep because of coughing, sneezing, stuffy head. Today I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday, but am still really sick. I am getting up for a couple of hours or so and then heading back for another nap. This is going to wreck havoc on my sleeping patterns, but I am too tired and sick to care.

Sorry to complain so much, but just wanted you to know that I'm feeling under the weather and may not visit for a day or so. Please try your best to avoid all the sickness that is going around. It isn't something you want to experience.~Blessings, Mary~

Thursday, January 1

Looking Back on 2008

In May the boys and I went for a hike at App's Mill. Birches are one of my favorite trees. This was an enjoyable day.
Griffyn on Canada Day. He was celebrating our country's birthday.
August 1st. Tarryn came into the world. A welcome addition to our family.
In September, Brandon, Mom and I took a trip to Haliburton, Ontario. We stopped in Huntsville to do a bit of leaf peeping. This is Fairy Lake.
The boys and I visited the apple orchard in October. Everything was all set up for Halloween.
Hubby and I took a chilly walk around Princess Point in Hamilton, Ontario. We enjoyed seeing the waterfowl and native plants along the trail.I attempted and succeeded in making this feather snowman wreath. The boys thought it was cute.

I got to meet Pea of Pea's Corner. What a delightful person she is. I do hope we can get together again this year.
Jordan and Tarryn enjoying a bit of a snuggle on Christmas Day. This is a tender moment in time.
Mom, Tarryn and Griffyn. Though Tarryn is too little to talk and Griffyn doesn't talk much, these boys seem to be able to communicate really well.

Evan was born last February and is turning into a very cute toddler. I like this black and white phot0.

Twin Santas. We have been very blessed with new arrivals in our family. These boys are a year old now. How time flies.

Mom and Aunt May about a month before she died. This isn't a great photo, but I don't have many photos of Aunt May, so it is a treasure to me.

Brandon became a teenager last May. I can't believe it. It seems like he was just a babe in arms.

Well, that gives you a glimpse into some of the blessings received in 2008. I hope the year was as good to you as it was to me. I'm looking forward to 2009. ~Blessings, Mary~

Wednesday, December 31

Happy New Year

At 12:01 am, the old year will move on and the baby New Year will begin his reign. None of us know what 2009 has in store for us. The prediction is hard economic times and possibly another depression. However, 2009, as of this moment is filled with blank pages. There will be things that happen that are out of our control, but there will be other things that we have a choice about. Keep your attitude positive and try to write only positive things in your book for 2009. The most important thing is that we remember our values, love our families and try to make the New Year the best that it can be.

My wish to each of you is that you are blessed with abundant blessings, love, laughter, good health and happiness throughout 2009. Remember that life is only what we make it. Love your family, friends and God and the rest will take care of itself.

The past year was very good to us and I must count my blessings. There were a few things that I would rather not have gone through. All the mess with the tenant in the first five months of the year was trying for us. The next five months were labor intense as we renovated the apartment and made it liveable again. Sometimes we thought it would never end. We finally got it finished and Aunt May, who was suffering from bone cancer went into the hospital and within two weeks had passed away. Though I`m glad she is free and no longer in pain, I will miss her.

The past year was not the hardest one I've ever been through and I am thankful for blessing received. Mom is doing well for her age. Hubby is working and is doing fairly well health wise. The grandsons are healthy and we all had a beautiful Christmas. So many things to be thankful for and as I bid 2008 goodbye and welcome 2009, I only ask that the coming year is as good as the past one has been.

Count your blessings as you begin the New Year and continue to count your blessings throughout the entire year, for there is always someone who is even less fortunate. Be kind and love thy neighbor as thy self. The rest will take care of itself.~Blessings,Mary~

Tuesday, December 30

A Treasured Gift

Jean of Speaking from the Heart has started a new meme. I discovered it when I visited Denise from Shortybear's Place. It looked interesting, so I checked it out. It is called "I Remember When."

One of my fondest memories is Christmas at Grandma's. When Grandma lived next door to us, we would always trudge across the snowy field to celebrate Christmas Day with Grandma and all of my aunts and uncles and their families. It was always a joyous occasion. Grandma always decorated her tree on Christmas Eve, so when we walked in the door on Christmas, the first thing we saw was the tree. It was always a spruce if Grandma had her way and it was always decorated with the vintage decorations that she had collected over the years.

The focus of Christmas was not so much on the gifts, but the birthday of our Lord. Second to that came the celebration of being with family. We kids all waited in anticipation of the gift giving, as Grandpa always insisted that the meal be taken first and then when the kitchen cleanup was completed, he would hand out the gifts. No one else was allowed to go near the Christmas tree until that time. Each year, as faithful as clockwork, I would unwrap a book that was wrapped in green tissue paper and tied with red cord. A few Christmas stickers was always added to brighten the gift up just a little.

That gift in that green tissue paper was one I always looked forward to and the contents were always treasured. Grandma & Grandpa had little money but each year I received a book. As I grew older, it was always the latest released Nancy Drew Mystery and that suited me fine. I still look forward to receiving a book for Christmas.

Today, I wrap Brandon & Jordan's big gift from us in green tissue. I don't add the red cord, but do add the Christmas stickers. You can see the wrapping from Brandon's gift this year in the post below. It makes me wonder if in years to come the boys will Remember When Grandma wrapped their Christmas gifts in green tissue paper with stickers added to make the parcel just a little more festive.

If you would like to take part in this meme, be sure to follow the link above and add your name to Mr. Linky on Jean's site. ~Blessings, Mary~

PS. To read about my memories of Grandma's Kitchen, please click on the link.

Monday, December 29

Moments in Time: Christmas 2008

I always like to take shots when people aren't expecting it. Quite often I'm able to capture a moment in time - a moment when people are being themselves and not posing for the camera. Here are a few shots I was able to get on Christmas Day.

Mom and Tarryn with the bath toy that hubby and I gave him for Christmas. Beside them, Barry is playing with his new DS.

Mom and Griffyn taking in everything that is going on. This is a definite moment in time.

Michelle, talking to Tarryn and though he will only be 5 months old on January 1st, he's doing his best to hold up his end of the conversation.

Jordan and Tarryn enjoying a moment of closeness. Jordan likes his cousins to visit and having little ones around.

Jordan, chilling out and relaxing while everyone else is busy doing other things. He was thrilled that he had the entire couch to himself.

Brandon enjoying the new Rock Band 2 game. He likes playing the guitar and does really well with it.
Jack and Tarryn. Jack is trying to figure something out and there is a look of puzzlement on his face. Tarryn is falling asleep on Daddy's lap.

Griffyn kissing a sleeping Tarryn. This is a precious moment in time and a photo that I will treasure. This would make a beautiful gift for both boys when they are older.

That is about all the photos of Christmas. Soon we will be taking down all of the Christmas decorations and storing them away for next year. It will be here before we know it, but who knows what the New Year has in store? Right now it looms before us, a blank book and some of what is written on those pages will be our choice; some of the events will be out of our control. Whatever the New Year brings, it will be written on these blank pages and I'm going to do the best I can to make sure that the writings are something I can be proud of when the events are of my choice. What will you write in your book for 2009? Whatever it is, I hope that it is all positive and that the New Year brings you abundant blessings, laughter, love and all the good things that life can hold. ~Blessings, Mary!

Sunday, December 28

Some Christmas Highlights

Christmas morning was quiet at our house. Hubby and I opened our gifts from each other and then we relaxed until it was time to go to Michelle's for dinner. She had it at 2pm because hubby had to work and so did Jack.

The meal was great. There was turkey, mashed potatoes, lots of different vegetables, a cheese platter for before the meal, which included pickles and biscuits. There was pumpkin pie for desert and a huge plate of Christmas cookies. It was all delicious.

Here is a picture of three generations. Mom is in the light green sweater beside me. Michelle is in blue and Melissa in red. We are varying ages. Mom is 81, I'm 59, Michelle will be 40 in February and Melissa will be 33 in March.

Mom was very ill on Christmas Eve while at my sisters. She seemed to recuperate quickly and I think it was the same bug that I had early in December. Please keep her in your prayers.
This is Griffyn. He takes drumming lessons at the Native Center and loves drums of all kinds. Here he is playing the drums from the Rock Band 2 game that the boys got for Christmas.

Melissa had told me that Griffyn loves animal figurines. I found these ones still brand new in the package from when the boys were young, so hubby and I gave them to him for Christmas. He loved them.

This is Jordan with the DS Lite that hubby and I gave him. These were on the boys Wish Lists but they thought they were all bought up. They didn't know that Grandma had bought them way back in September.

Brandon with his DS Lite. These were Limited Edition and very special, so the boys tell me. That was their big gift from us. They were delighted.

I received a beautiful angel pin from Brandon and Jordan, two fairies from hubby, a water ball for my collection from Michelle and Barry, pictures of Griffyn and Tarryn from Melissa and Jack and two beautiful cardinal figurines from Mom. I will try to post photos soon.

Enjoy your week, stay safe and remember to do a random act of kindness. ~Blessings, Mary~