Thursday, January 1

Looking Back on 2008

In May the boys and I went for a hike at App's Mill. Birches are one of my favorite trees. This was an enjoyable day.
Griffyn on Canada Day. He was celebrating our country's birthday.
August 1st. Tarryn came into the world. A welcome addition to our family.
In September, Brandon, Mom and I took a trip to Haliburton, Ontario. We stopped in Huntsville to do a bit of leaf peeping. This is Fairy Lake.
The boys and I visited the apple orchard in October. Everything was all set up for Halloween.
Hubby and I took a chilly walk around Princess Point in Hamilton, Ontario. We enjoyed seeing the waterfowl and native plants along the trail.I attempted and succeeded in making this feather snowman wreath. The boys thought it was cute.

I got to meet Pea of Pea's Corner. What a delightful person she is. I do hope we can get together again this year.
Jordan and Tarryn enjoying a bit of a snuggle on Christmas Day. This is a tender moment in time.
Mom, Tarryn and Griffyn. Though Tarryn is too little to talk and Griffyn doesn't talk much, these boys seem to be able to communicate really well.

Evan was born last February and is turning into a very cute toddler. I like this black and white phot0.

Twin Santas. We have been very blessed with new arrivals in our family. These boys are a year old now. How time flies.

Mom and Aunt May about a month before she died. This isn't a great photo, but I don't have many photos of Aunt May, so it is a treasure to me.

Brandon became a teenager last May. I can't believe it. It seems like he was just a babe in arms.

Well, that gives you a glimpse into some of the blessings received in 2008. I hope the year was as good to you as it was to me. I'm looking forward to 2009. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Happy New Year, dear Mary!! It was so much fun seeing the photos representing your year, you did indeed have many blessings:-) Here's to another year filled with many more blessings. xoxo

  2. What a good trip down memory lane. It has been quite a year. When I look at those little twins, it amazes me over and over how blessed we have been.

  3. Mary,

    I hope you had a good day - as for me, Sister, and Mom, we had it easy - step-dad cooked dinner! A real laid back Holiday.

    Reflecting back on 2008 - I didn't do that on the blog - but the best things were the birth of Ashton and the fact that my family, however small, is together, and we have been happy, secure and safe.

    I can only hope for the same or better for 2009.

    On your blog - I liked the posts on Disney and the Apple Orchard the best..:)

  4. It's a good idea to use your photos like that. Maybe I'll do that too ... next year. :)

  5. This is a nice post of some highlights of your past year!

    Where is the "Huntsville" you spoke about? My hometown is Huntsville, Alabama!


    I'm going on a 10-day trip tomorrow, may not be online much, but I did post Show and Tell tonight.

  6. Good review of 2008! Happy New Year!

  7. It was fun looking back over your pictures of the year. I remember most of them, but not the one of your Mom and Aunt May. What a precious picture.

  8. Great recap of a wonderful year. Blessings to you too Mary.

  9. It was a great year wasn't it?
    It is great to have pictures to recapture those moments that meant so much.
    Looking forward with you to another year filled with blessings!

  10. What wonderful blessing we have to look forward to in 2009!

  11. Happy new year my friend... What a sweet way to reflect on the year past.. I need to do that and remember the many blessings that God poured out.. We need to focus on the good things and let the heartaches subside........ I have not been blogging too much and need to catch up with you......... We are taking down the Christmas stuff today (we did not go to Tulsa as in my post) I think we are going to head down to the local antique shop and nose around, I am in a decorating mood!

  12. Happy New Year Mary! I thoroughly enjoyed your pictorial review of 2008 and invite you to 'snag' the elephant award from the side bar of Small Reflections ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Oh, how I adore photos because they are captured moments in time that speak to our souls. I think I could be called a Photoholic :0) Thank you for sharing your photos.

    So much fun that you got to meet Pea (Carole) of Pea's Corner. I'm here at your site because of her!

    Peace be with you.

  14. Happy New Year Mary! You have had an amazing year all in all. I haven't been emailing much but if you will email me your snail mail addy, I would love to write you a letter. What say you?

  15. Hi Mary!!
    We weren't home yesterday much so I am now trying to catch up visiting with you before Bud gets up and we start all over again with another busy day.

    I love a step back in the year with you....some terrific photos. I'm really liking the photo of your Aunt May and your mother...tho, ALL the memories of 2008 you shared was excellent.

    Hope your day treats you well, and that your weekend is a blessing!!

  16. It was so nice to look back at your year in pictures, dear Mary. What a treasure indeed to have that picture of your mom with Aunt May!

    God bless you in the New Year!


  17. Oh, what cute pics of the babies dressed in Santa suits!!! Lovely post, Mary! I love your feather wreath!!! Absolutely darling!!!

    You certainly were blessed in 2008!

    ((( HUGS )))