Monday, December 17

A Bit of Creativity

Last week when I was at the local thrift shop, I saw a beautiful pair of girl's ice skates. As I looked at them, I got an idea of what I could do with them, thanks to my friend, JunqueGypsy. Here is what I did this afternoon.

I had intended to dye the laces red, but decided against it at the last minute. Maybe I did need that bit of color added to the mix. Not sure, but here is another picture.

The first picture is the best, but this one is closer to let you see more of what's included. Silver, red and green are the only colors used. 

And the last one from a little different angle. I was really pleased how it turned out. I thought my daughter, Michelle, would like this as winter decor.

I also baked some macaroons and made a batch of chocolate fudge for Michelle and her family and took it over tonight after she got home from work. 

Such easy things make great Christmas gifts. She can keep this for Christmas decor, or she can use it all winter. It was fun being creative for a change. 

Sunday, December 16

My Opinion

The shooting at the school in CT., on Friday was a tragedy. Families are grieving the loss of their children just a week before Christmas. Losing a child is bad enough at the best of times, but at this time of year it is even more devastating. My heart goes out to the family and friends of everyone involved in this horrific incident. 

That said, I believe that this began back when I was young. First they said the teachers couldn't read the Bible and that we couldn't recite the Lord's Prayer because someone might be offended. Then they took corporal punishment out of the schools because the strap might damage a child's psych. Believe me, it wasn't the psych that was hurt. It was the child's hands and then when they got home, it was usually the child's bottom that hurt. 

I never had the strap myself, but saw many children who did. Mostly they didn't cross that line again. It took some longer to learn than others, but they did learn. 

If you take God out of everything, why should He be there to protect us? We need to get back to basics. If some families are offended when we read the Bible or pray in our schools, those children with different religions should congregate in another room where they can practice their religion freely. There is room for all religions in schools.

Kids today get away with too much. If the teacher scolds them, they go running to Mom & Dad, saying they weren't treat fairy. Who in the world ever gave them the idea that the world is fair? It's not and that is fact. We are bringing our children up to think that there is no consequence for their actions. This is wrong. 

If a parent punishes their child by spanking or other means, like sending them to bed without dinner, they run crying to someone and then Child Protective Services or Children's Aid, as it's called in Canada, threaten to take the children away. Yet those children who are really abused, often fall through the cracks. 

So, what is the problem with the youth of today?  In my opinion, they don't have consequences for their actions and think they can get away with anything. That's pretty much true. 

When I was a kid and even a teen, I knew the consequences. If I got in trouble at school, I got in more trouble at home. If I didn't get good grades, I had to answer to my parents as to why. This prepared me for the real world and I knew that every thing I chose to do had consequences, whether it was good or bad. Rewards for good behavior and consequences for bad or inappropriate behavior. 

I don't believe that any child is bad. They are not born bad. Children learn what they see and respond to the way they are treated. They need guidance in order to grow into responsible adults. We are allowing our children to fall through the cracks by not teaching them the reality of life. How sad is that?