Monday, December 17

A Bit of Creativity

Last week when I was at the local thrift shop, I saw a beautiful pair of girl's ice skates. As I looked at them, I got an idea of what I could do with them, thanks to my friend, JunqueGypsy. Here is what I did this afternoon.

I had intended to dye the laces red, but decided against it at the last minute. Maybe I did need that bit of color added to the mix. Not sure, but here is another picture.

The first picture is the best, but this one is closer to let you see more of what's included. Silver, red and green are the only colors used. 

And the last one from a little different angle. I was really pleased how it turned out. I thought my daughter, Michelle, would like this as winter decor.

I also baked some macaroons and made a batch of chocolate fudge for Michelle and her family and took it over tonight after she got home from work. 

Such easy things make great Christmas gifts. She can keep this for Christmas decor, or she can use it all winter. It was fun being creative for a change. 


  1. I think it's just beautiful! I like the white laces and wouldn't change a thing.

  2. Beautiful Mary. What a unique gift.

    God bless.

  3. Now that is one really COOL idea!! I'll have to try and remember that.

    Greetings Mary!!!

    Just popping in this morning to send along my wishes to you and yours...that you have a very happy holiday season.

    Will see you again in 2013, when I return to blogging after my hiatus, enjoying the company of my sister from Colorado. I haven't seen her in nearly 10 years. This will be a treat.

    Happy Anni

  4. Merry Christmas! Love your blog heading.

  5. Hello girl.. Long time since I blogged.. I love the ice skate and gives me some ideas. So much has happened here and I am going to start blogging again and posting pictures.. I have missed the blog and it seems a lot of the ladies have left.. that is pretty sad.. It was such a wonderful way to connect.. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and I pray that your New Year if filled with good health.. We will reconnect.. I have much to share..

  6. Happy New Year! Hope you FEEL better soon!♥