Friday, May 28

Good News

Finally! I have good news to share. Well, mostly anyway.

Tuesday I had my follow-up cardiologist's appointment. I like my new doctor. He is very thorough and has a great bedside manner. So different from most of the doctors I've met lately. My heart surgeon was great but he only does one follow-up after the surgery and leaves the rest to the cardiologist. Anyway, he listened to my heart, took an EKG and checked me over. Great news. I have to do a follow-up in July where I will have blood tests and a sonogram. If all of that comes back good I don't have to see him again until December. He will continue to monitor me after that on a 6 month and then a yearly basis. I completely trust this doctor and feel very confident that he is knowledgeable and thorough.

Mom's catscan came back showing that the spot on her ovary was NOT cancer. Whoohoo!!! She is doing much better. Thursday afternoon we had a family meeting with her health professional team. They've slated her for release on Saturday. She will be going to stay with my sister for a week before she goes home to be on her own. She will be getting therapy. The only drawback is that she now has a permanent catheter, but she will soon adapt to that. Mom is spunky and very independent. Go Mom!!!

Josh is making headway, though it is very slow. Right now he is still having some anger issues, but that is normal. He is feeding himself, getting some real food, not just pureed and is getting around in a wheelchair. He has an intense speech and physical therapy program. I have the greatest confidence that he will move forward as time goes by.

To all my American friends, I wish you a safe and fun long weekend. Enjoy!!!