Sunday, May 22

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Time is flying by and it will soon be moving day. Not looking forward to it. Our move date is June 7th. We get the keys on June 1st or maybe late next week. We're not looking forward to it.

We have boxes stacked to the ceiling and still a long way to go. This is a small house to being with and now, with all the boxes, it's getting even smaller. Dakota (dog) doesn't know where to go. Wherever he lands, he's in someone's way. When we are downstairs, he prefers to be outside. When we're upstairs, he stays downstairs. He still does lay beside the bed at night. Poor dog, that is his only peaceful time.

The movers are paid for 3 hours in advance. This is the minimum they will book. If it only takes 2 hours, it's the same cost. They are very reasonable though. We also bought a brand new box spring and mattress from the same place and they will put it on the truck before they come to move us. No delivery charge that way and it was a great deal for an orthopedic. 

We took a bit of a rest today and didn't do too much. We are exhausted from packing boxes day in and day out, but it's coming along, slow but steady.