Thursday, July 29

Grandson News

I haven't written anything about the grandsons for a while and some have been asking. They are doing great. They both did very well on their school year. Brandon was in his glory in high school. Loved all the shops that he takes and got promoted in the last semester from regular to advanced math. He did well with that and is looking forward to new experiences in the fall. Jordan also did very well last school year. This will be his final year of elementary school and he's also looking forward to high school.

Both boys have grown a lot and Brandon is now 5 feet 11 inches...the tallest in our family. He loves it. Jordan has grown in the last year but he will be short like his father. That doesn't thrill him as he'd like to be tall. Don't we always want the opposite of what we have?

Both of the boys have been doing yard work this year and earning a little money. I think it's terrific and they are learning how to manage their finances. Brandon is a saver and has already saved enough to buy a Wii. Jordan is younger, not making as much and likes to spend his as fast as he gets it. Of course when Brandon was his age, he did the same, so hopefully Jordan will learn.

Today Brandon mowed our lawn and Jordan weeded the flower beds. He did a fantastic job. I'm still not up to weeding and never really planted anything this year, so no annuals. We do have a few perennials blooming. I miss taking photos and blogging about my garden. We did plant some tomatoes and peppers this year, but that is all. We didn't go to extremes because I wasn't able to do it.

Today I sat on the porch and watched a sparrow pecking around on the ground in the area where Dakota plays. I couldn't figure out what she was doing, but then dog hair began to accumulate in her beak. I couldn't believe how many she picked up and when her beak was stuffed full, she flew away to her nest. It's amazing how much they can carry.

Glad to be back in blogland. I'm hoping to get to visit many of you soon.

Wednesday, July 28

Getting Back to Normal

I'm beginning to get things around here back to normal. I'm doing a little more, cleaning some things that haven't been taken care of since my heart surgery. Hubby tried his best, but just don't do things the way I do. So this morning, I took dust cloth in hand, cleaned out a couple of cupboards that had become badly disorganized and spent a few hours putting things back to normal. After that, I was tired. I can't believe that I can't do more but do know that heart bypass surgery knocks your socks off. So, I will attempt to do a little each day and try to get things straightened out a bit.

I'm doing okay health-wise, although my blood pressure has been zipping up and down. For those who know anything about blood pressure readings, mine was a bit low at 106/57. I wondered why I didn't have any energy and that was why. A fill-in doctor told me I was on way too much blood pressure medication and cut it down a little. That seemed to work for a while but then my blood pressure went up to 160/77. The top figure was too high and that made me a little anxious, which made it go to 170/80. This all happened in a matter of two days and then it was down again to 140/60. Not sure why it's doing that, but I'm wondering if the hot, humid weather is a factor. I know it can be, but don't want to assume.

I need to go for some blood tests. My appointment at the cardiologist last week to have a sonogram (ultrasound) went well. I have not heard anything from the cardiologist, so either the test results aren't back or everything is fine. It would be nice if they notified me either way.

But life is moving forward. Hubby has been having some tests of his own and he has to go for more, so we will see where that leads.

I hope all of my friends and readers are enjoying a pleasant and safe summer.

Monday, July 26

Summer Fun

It's time that I posted about something that is fun. Jordan stayed over Sunday and after dinner, he took Dakota out in the yard to play. Dakota has a plastic newspaper toy that squeaks. It was given to him by a neighbor. He loves it. He also likes to throw things down the terrace and have somebody throw them back to him.

Jordan throwing the newspaper called, "The Doggy News," up the terrace to Dakota.
Dakota surprised Jordan by leaping high into the air and catching it.

Jordan threw the newspaper a second time...over Dakota's head. By the time I could snap the photo, Dakota had disappeared outside of the frame. He brought back the newspaper and he and Jordan continued their game of fetch.

Dakota throwing the newspaper down the hill to Jordan. He only throws it when he is good and ready for Jordan to have it. As the play progressed, he began to give it up a little easier each time.

He scrambles to get it when Jordan throws it and often tries to take it right out of Jordan's hand before it is thrown.

Sometimes he becomes a bit obstinate and won't give it up. He tried this on Sunday night and Jordan decided he'd take it away from him. Dakota was determined that Jordan wouldn't get it and they had a little game of tug-of-war. Who will the winner be...

And the WINNER is, Dakota.
They had a blast and played this game for about an hour and a half. They were both tuckered out when they came in for the night. Neither of them was long going to sleep after they went to bed. Great exercise for both of them.